Friday, 25 May 2012

The Humberstone Militia Gets Serious

Well some of you will know that I have a troop of cavalry from the Prince Albert's Own Leicester Yeomanry and at the time on the VBCW were on the move from cavalry to artillery armed with 18/25pdr.

Now I dont think anyone as yet does any 18/25pdr in 28mm so I have gone for the next best thing and a little more VBCW, a 18pdr.

Now this one complete with its limber and crew come from Reiver Casting a company that I have a real soft spot for and I rather like there ranges. Good work horse figures I think is the best way to describe them but paint up wonderfully. 

Hopefully I will have it completed for Sunday and Partizan, not that I am going to use it, lol.


  1. Looks like hot work serving the gun!

    Nice work again, PK.

  2. Beautiful work! I really like this.

  3. Now you know you are having a bad day when this rather beautiful bit of kit opens up on your position. Lovely job Pete.

  4. Very nice figure panting, posing, and photos, Sir.


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