Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Albertine Book on Pre Order

My New Book
Here is another attempt at shameless self promotion and its about this new book. Yes the Albertine or to give it its correct title The Army of Prince Albert, Lord Protector and no book on a army on Prince Alberts, a book which I wouldnt want to illustrate. The guide to the Army of Prince Albert, the Lord Protector will hopefully be available at Partizan. This volume will have plates by me and schematics as used in the County books- so a lot of colour. In addition the back story is pretty flexable, providing pegs upon which campaigns could develop, and as promised we've built in considerable restraint to ensure the Albertines are not an all conquoring force and have plenty of problems of their own. This is available for pre order from Si at Solway for the price of Eight of your hard earned pounds plus postage and packaging. This is the end to my self promotion and advertising and back to painting and preparing for Partizan.


  1. Congrats and hope it flies off the shelves!

  2. Ditto Ray and the Lurker. Plus you are one heck of an illustrator, PK.

  3. Ta fellas, one day I will be rich I tell you rich, in my dreams


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