Saturday, 30 June 2012

Covenant Pikeman

This chap is for a another plate of Covenanters  and is a Pikeman, if you could not guess. I have not given him another armour as most of the Pikemen either never got issued it, sorry there Victorians, or if they did throw it away as it was heavy and very uncomfortable. He is wearing an old style Morion helmet and has the plaid trews and a woollen jacket.

Scottish Covenant Pikeman  

The Scottish Government army was one if the main political forces in Scotland. Throughout the period 1639-51 it was Scotland's national army, whichever political faction was in power the army continued to fight for their paymasters; the Scottish Government.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Welsh Flags without Writing

Here is a second and requested Welsh flag for the use of. I hope you like it :D

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different

Well its a start of a new project for a new patron and this time its the English Civil War. If fact its the "Irish" regiments in Montrose's Army and first one it this chap. He is an Officer and is dress in the European style of clothing as opposed to wearing the  Irish style of clothing, he wanted a bit of class, lol. These fellas were the backbone of Montrose's Army and tough fighters by all accounts but some debate about them being actually Irish or being "Irish" from the Isles and Highlands. I personally think that they came from Ulster coming over with the Earl Antrim but who knows. Here is the Officer and I am rather pleased with him.

Officer in Montrose's "Irish" Brigade

As Requested

Well I hope this what the Free Welsh Republic's flag looks like otherwise I have done it all wrong, lol.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Yet Another New Flag

Yes more blooming flags, are you sick of them yet, lol, this time for the Liverpool Free States. This has been done on the request of someone won was looking for ideas, so I did him this one. I rather like it.

People's Assault Column General Finished

I realised that I have finished this little chap off and I have not showed him off. I dont know why but I feel that I have rushed him, or my eyes are failing, but he is not one of my happiest of paintjobs. Dont get me wrong, I love the pose, the little bit of converting I have done but there is just something. Again here is the chap in his Imperial Service College scarf, pipe and click board, I think its behind him.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Even More new Flags

Following on from the BUF flags I was asked by another friend to do a few flags for him and I hope he likes them. This flags are for his VBCW game and are the Kent BUF and Maidstone BUF.

Friday, 22 June 2012

VBCW Posters

I was asked by a fellow VBCW player to do some posters for his games and I have come up with these. He fights with the left wing forces, so I have done a small collection of different posters for him. I hope he likes them.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

New BUF Flags part 2

Here are the new flags for the BUF which are going on sell short at Hastings Solway website or ebay site. I have had a god time doing these and it has fired me up to do more, not BUF flags but others. As you can see I have used the Roman and Fascists symbols and mixed them with some Victorian/Edwardian symbols and Anglo-Saxon ones. I hope you like them.

Monday, 18 June 2012

BUF Flags

Well instead of finishing off the People's Assault Column General I instead went full stream ahead with doing some flags for Si at Solway this time the first sheet of the British Union of Fascists. At the moment I have hit a rare form for these and I should have the second sheet ready in the next couple of days. I have to admit that I am enjoying doing these and still have tons to do for the other factions. Now why did I start this again?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

People's Assault Column General and Other Musings

My project of converting and painting a People's Assault Column, PAC, General is nearing completion as I now have a the majority of the painting done. I went for a brown leather jacket for him instead of a battledress jacket, and olive green trousers. I have also added a college scarf and painted it in the colours of Haileybury and Imperial Service College, as a nod to who he is.

Weirdly at the same time I have also starting at some flags and banners for the British Union of Fascists. I have done three so far and I hope for have another three completed by the end of the evening.

Friday, 15 June 2012

New Royalist Flags on Sale

Yes the Royalist flags that I have recently done are now available for Solway. The two new sets of flags one for a number of royalist units and the other for the army of the severn valleyboth come printed on cotton poplin and are available from our ebay listing now.


Royalist Army of the Severn Vallery

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The King and the King of the Welfare State

I have started the Peoples Assault Column's General and I bet you cant see but I have now added a collage scarf to add a bit of colour and character to the figure. Yes I do know that at the moment it is black and in fact its all black, bar the face, but you know what I mean, lol.

Now next to him and not really, okay not at all, is a start of another King or rather the King of Rock 'n' Roll. This figure is from Hasslefree Minis and it is a lovely sculpt from the master Kev White. See I do buy other sculptors stuff, lol. Now I can not decide between Vega Elvis, Bubba Hotep or Black Leather Elvis? I really dont know. I still have not received my Super Dungeon Explore from Warlords and they are not returning my emails, I am sad, lol.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Next Project

While at Partizan I was talking with Paul Cummingham, the author of The People's Armies, about finding a miniature of the Peoples Assault Column, PAC, general, loosely based on a well known Left Wing Leader, Major and had a company in the International Brigade named after him after he visited them in Spain. Here is a image of who I mean.

As we could not find anyone suitable it mean a wee bit of converting might be the order of the day and I know and had a British Officer, from Warlord Games, holding a map who might fit the bill. So I green stuffed some trouser bottoms and files away a pocket and given him the trademark pipe and here he is at the start of the journey to PAC General.

Tomorrow I will tidy him up and if the weather is good basecoat him.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Soda Pop Princess Malya and Mr Tomm

I have finished Soda Pop's Princess Malya and Mr Tomm and I have to say that I have atually really enjoyed painting them. As a departure from the drab blues, khakis and earthy colours I have been painting recently it has been very refreshing to something sexy and pink. I am very pleased with the results and if fact so pleased that I have treated myself, more on that later. Here are the results of my painting.

Now for my little treat. Well I have been looking for this little game called "Super Dungeon Explore" and I found that Warlord Games had one copy left so I have brought it. Its just looks so good and I cant wait for it to turn up.

Super Dungeon Explore is an expandable strategy board game for 2 or more players, combining the fun of traditional dungeon crawls, with a unique retro arcade/vivdeo game feel, featuring authentic CHIBI anime heroes battling hordes of minions and huge monsters in a dungeon full of traps and treasure.

Bring Video Game Nostalgia to your Table Top! Directed and designed to be an homage to classic console and arcade games, and brought to life by the world class Soda Pop Minaitures design studio, Super Dungeon Explore is going to wow customerswith the quality of its components, and the versatility and replayability of its game mechanics. Easy to learn, difficult to master, this is truly a fast paced tabletop strategy game.
Now having growth up on this stuff I have to have it game, especially as it has 50 plus miniatures from Soda Pop. Please my it hurray.


Friday, 8 June 2012

New Surprises from Sloppy Jalopy

Can you imagine my surprise at this email this morning from Tricks at Sloppy Jalopy with pictures of their new figures and very nice they look too, Yes there are for VBCW and the heads will be separate and in about 10 different variants so that although these are miner figures we will be able to produce dockers and all sorts of other workers as we go forward. They are not expecting to get the figures for 6 to 8 weeks but will let you know as and when I get the masters.These look like a very good addition to the range.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I have finished the Soda Pop Walker

Yes I have finished and based the Walker of Princess Malya by Soda Pop and I have to say it was a pain but well worth it. I am happy with the result and though its not what I normally paint I have enjoyed the break. Now I the actual Princess and side kick bunny to paint up and they are finished, phew, but at least they are more within my comfort zone, lol. Here are some pictures of the walker.

Royalist Flags of VBCW

Having been a little subdued for the last few days, what with one thing or another, I thought I would get back into the seat of things with doing something I have now done for a while. While I love illustrating and I now know I have to face redoing for the ECW work I was doing again, not happy about that, blooming hard drive, I also do some of the flags for Si at Solway and I have working on redoing his VBCW range. This is the first of them and as fitting its the Royalists, actually its the first of the Royalist flags these being the Royal Standards of the King and some of his allies. There are a few units and some from the Army of the North. Next is part two of the Royalists.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

New Musings

After getting over the shock of my Hard Drive saga I have jumped back into the sit with painting this lovely figure from Soda Pop Miniatures. Its a rather Anime/Manga style walker with cute girl on top of it but this is just the walker at the moment. Its no where near finished and actually proving much hard than I thought, because I am not that used to painting machines I guess. Here are a couple of photos of the work in progress.

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