Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Next Project

While at Partizan I was talking with Paul Cummingham, the author of The People's Armies, about finding a miniature of the Peoples Assault Column, PAC, general, loosely based on a well known Left Wing Leader, Major and had a company in the International Brigade named after him after he visited them in Spain. Here is a image of who I mean.

As we could not find anyone suitable it mean a wee bit of converting might be the order of the day and I know and had a British Officer, from Warlord Games, holding a map who might fit the bill. So I green stuffed some trouser bottoms and files away a pocket and given him the trademark pipe and here he is at the start of the journey to PAC General.

Tomorrow I will tidy him up and if the weather is good basecoat him.


  1. Nice work on your conversion project, PK.

  2. Excellent work! Looking very good.

  3. Excellent work Pete, can't wait to see him with a lick of paint.

  4. Thanks there chaps. Being a typical gamers I now added a scarf, I have on green stuff mad, lol


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