Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Royalist Flags of VBCW

Having been a little subdued for the last few days, what with one thing or another, I thought I would get back into the seat of things with doing something I have now done for a while. While I love illustrating and I now know I have to face redoing for the ECW work I was doing again, not happy about that, blooming hard drive, I also do some of the flags for Si at Solway and I have working on redoing his VBCW range. This is the first of them and as fitting its the Royalists, actually its the first of the Royalist flags these being the Royal Standards of the King and some of his allies. There are a few units and some from the Army of the North. Next is part two of the Royalists.


  1. And vey good they are too! Certainly going to see them coming with all the wonderfully bright colours; really lift the playing area.

  2. That is a very very nice set of flags. A fitting post for today.

  3. You are overflowing with talent, PK!


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