Monday, 30 July 2012

Thank You to You All

I never thought that I would make this landmark for me, my 100th follower, so Jack Choyce thank you for helping me near this milestone. I have to admit that I am shocked that anyone want be interested in my blog, painting and illustrations but I am truly grateful that you are and thank you to everyone you followers or just reads my blog, because if it wasn't for you folks I want of been carted away long ago.

Now back to business here is a little something I painted for my better half, the long suffering Mrs PK. Now Mrs PK has a bit of a thing about Anne Boleyn, she has a tattoo of her, numerous painting, some of which are very good, the Other Boleyn Girls DVDs, books and other stuff. She even has a egg cup with Anne Boleyn on it. So I thought are I would paint the Airfix model of her and here is the result. I have to say it is rather larger than what I usually paint, it stands at 210mm as oppose to 28mm which I normally do but it has been fun.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

More Flags for the Right

Yet even more flags for the Right Wing Militias and the Fascists. These ones are based more on the volunteer militia groups and also foreign aid. Firstly there is another English Mistery flag, based on the Royal Oak symbol and the traditions of Oak Apple Day. Next is Imperial Fascist League flag and it is based on the flag this group actually had but I have added the writing to it.

After then are the foreign "aid" for the Mosley government and fellow fascists. First up is the Breton Fascist volunteers who are mainly fighting on the Cornish front against their bothers of a common heritage the Cornish. Next is the Brunswick Freikorp, a group of German nationals who do not fit in comfortably for the new Reich and have opted for oversea service. After it is the Norwegian Hird, volunteers from the Norwegian Fascist Party and are serving on all fronts and lastly is the Texan Volunteers, Silvershirts, who are fighting with the Armies of the Severn and Lord Cirencester.

Now I have to do some left wing flags, I hear the valleys calling.

More Flags for the Right Wing

Here is the next lots of flags for the Right Wing, mainly for the British Fascisti, BF and English Array. The British Fascisti I have tried to go for the more modern look, well for the 30s that is and I am rather happy with the results. English Array looks back to a happy more idealised time in the past and I have gone for a more Medieval feel to there flag. Here they are.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Right Wing Flags for VBCW

I have started on finishing off the flags of the Right Wing forces in VBCW. These ones are the first two of twelve and represent the minor fascist factions. The first two are the National Socialist League, just watch the weird hits I am going to get with that one. The NSL is Bully Boy Boyce personal guard and the other one is the English Array foreign legion made up of central and eastern Europeans.  Here there are

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Other Partizan, 2nd September and the Irish

Well I have finished the Irish firing Salvee and I rather like it and I have got a couple of more plates to do now, which is very nice. The other two plates I have to do are also Irish troops in the ECW which is good, Here is the picture.

This is going to a pitch battle encounter, basically refighting a major battler that happen near Newark. As as I have stated before a pretender one Reginald Langton-Simpson, has landed in the country and raised a Red fight to rally to his cause and the Royalists have come to put an end to this pretender, by God there is enough to worry about without this. So on one June summers day the two armies clash near Newark, see if you can guess where?

So there is going to be three field commands and one overall command on each side. This means at a totally of total of eight players can be playing at again one time. If more that eight person are interested in playing then me can rotate the commanders around, half day playing, half day shopping, helping chatting to the happy punters. There are a couple of people I would like to play all or most of the day, as they are travelled far to get there but thats something that can be discussed nearer the time, once we have ideas on numbers.

So as for troops and forces Hastings has very kindly stated that he can supply the core troops for each side, this hopefully will give a uniformed look to the game and is also going to supply the terrain boards. I do requires some troops from everyone, a special unit or two with command, flags, etc, some if you are playing can you think of which side you want to play and bring one or a couple of special units, 10men strong and a five man command unit. I well push on more information about this shortly.

The rules I am going to be using is Brigadier38 for a couple of reasons, mainly I think it work well for these big style games, but its going to be a cut down version and crib/play sheet will be available shortly.

Any questions now it the time to ask and a show of hands for those who are interested.

Also the chap with the lovely lady whom I chatting to at the last Partizan can you please email again.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Irish Brigade and More Super Dungeon Explore.

What a different a weekend makes, I have never felt so relaxed as I do this weekend, maybe is just that I love the sun, lol. Anyway I have been busy actually doing an illustration for the series of books for the Pike and Shot Society this one being Montrose's Irish Brigade firing what is called Salvee, or Salvo, thats all together. Now the illustration is not finished at the moment and there is some more work to do on it but I am rather pleased with it so here is a taster.

Also I have finished the nest two pieces for Super Dungeon Explore, a spawn point, thats the thing with the skull on top and a Boo or a chest that is alive. Now thats five completed and only another forty five pieces to go, madness.

Keep smiling, gaming and enjoying the sun, long may it last.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

More Soda Pop

What a different a day can make. Firstly I would like to thank you all for your comments I was really touched by them and a Great Big thanks for all of you.

Well what a day, Bradley Wiggins is set to win the Tour de France, first Brit ever, which is totally amazing, and I have started my last and more difficult English Civil War illustration, Irish troops Giving Salvee, which is English is all troops firing at the same time, a big bang. I have got must of the illustration sketched out and I am happy so far, next is adding the details and hoping the chap likes it.

If that was not enough I have got around to painting the third of fifty miniatures from Soda Pop's game Super Dungeon Explore. I am rather chaffed with this one, he is a Kobald Dragon Priest and is one of the minors that the Heroes have to destroy. I have had a great time painting him and it is nice to go for something that is not a khaki clothed soldier. Again they are lovely sculpts, which is what I have come to expect from Soda Pop and is finely detailed, just hope my painting skills do it justice. Here is a couple of pictures of it. Next up is something what looks like a lot of fun.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Pain in the Arse

God isnt it amazing how work can become a real pain in the arse, dont get me wrong I love my job and it is very rewarding as I am actually helping people to have a better standard of living and escaping the poverty trap. but there are time when it all gets to much.

Well I am having one of those times, where treading water would be a step forward and a boss, or bosses, where they look at the big picture and forget that some of us are having a time of it. I know some of you are thinking why dont you talk to your boss, well I have and if fact I got them to write up a plan for them to help sort out the problem, but another thing has come up and I am left at square one again. I could just go off with stress, but I am one of those chaps  who comes in even if I am dying with the flu and I dont really want to go down that route.

Actually this is one of the reasons why of late I have not been writing on my blog, illustrating or painting as I feel so knackered when I come home I dont even want to watch TV. Please dont worry either as this is not a cry for help as I know what I have to do and hopefully I will be back to my normal productive self shortly.

So hopefully I will be back to posting comments, posts, illustrating and painting shortly and oh yes organising a big game for Partizan. So for those who have read this thanks, dont worry and all the best. We all have times like this and we all come through them. Rant over.

Have a great day

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Have I lost it?

Well have I lost it? That is a good question as I find myself drawing a Jack Russell for the English Civil War project. Now there is a story behind this too. During the English Civil War or the War of the Three Kingdoms it Aberdeen, I think, but somewhere in Scotland, the towns folks to show there support for King Charles I they dressed there pets is red ribbons but the nasty old rebel forces simple killed all the pets with the ribbons on, shocking. So here is the picture.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bloody British Weather

This bloody British weather is starting to get on my nerves. Firstly we get told oh there is a drought and then the heavens open up and it rains and rains and rains and now the ground is so sodding wet that things that I planned to see, waited all flipping year and actually drive to get cancelled at the very last moment. This is what has happen to me, my wife and one of my wife's friends, who's birthday it was, went to the Festival of History at Kelmarsh in Northamptonshire and is only a couple of miles from Naseby. We left fairly early to beat the queues and to have a full day of it and I know the weather has a little wet recently so I checked English Heritage's website about the festival and the weather reports and beside raining the night previously, everything looked good to go for a nice day of history stuff. Well by the time we got there at nine it the morning the blooming thing was cancelled as the site had flooded and the weather had ruined our day out. I feel for all the people involved in getting the festival off the ground, the organiser,  the traders and re-enactors too and I hope that it goes ahead next year and not cut  but the British government and English Heritage. Here are a couple of pictures of the site and gosh it is bad.

On a different note I have been business with some illustrations on the English Civil War and have been doing some Scots of Montrose's Army. I am rather pleased with the ones I have done so far and here there are.

For the eagled eyed among you will have noticed the cavalry chap is the same in both apart from the hat and a few bits, weather it had to be changed to the second one as the first one looked a little too English.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

VBCW at Other Partizan, 2nd September

At the sounds of "The Internationale" the Red Flag was raised and a proclamation was made:

"That A champion of noble blood and liberty today will strike forth to lead the people against the Iron Fist of Mosley and Edward. This man has the interests of the good hard working people of England, no the interest of all men and women in This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, for this champion can claim the right of Kings and also rejects the principle of it. He believes in the Right of the Common man and the Right of self determination, This man is prepared to carry the Red Flag of Courage and march at the front of any army and fight the false Kings, Lords and Ladies and unite this land under the People's Rule.
Who will Follow me and fight for what is rightful yours"

And so the proclamation was stated and the banner raised as the New Champion of the People rallied troops to his cause. This “People’s King” moved and setup his headquarters in Newark. To his cause came the Archbishop of York “Red” Leicester with the York Anglican League, an exiled trade union leader from German, Martin Schwatz and with him a body of German volunteers and the local People’s Assault Column and some of the Socialist groups from Nottinghamshire and surrounding area.

King dispatches units from Army of the Severn Valley, The Army of the North and The Duke of Rutland and his forces, to smash this threat.

Who is the People’s King well...

So here is the first real roll call for people wanting to play this game. I am looking for three field commanders for each side and a overall commander. Also if people want to come and not play but want to help out with chatting to the public and such, you are also very welcome. I am looking to play on a 6x10 table using terrain boards and it is going to be a pitched battle, with lots of troops on the table. The actually battlefield, based on a real battle, maybe a prize for guessing it, is rather empty save for farming land, hedges, the odd tress, a coppice and a small farm. More to follow shortly.

So if you are interested please let me know and which side you want to play. If Royalist which force, Army of the Severn, Army of the North or The Duke of Rutland's. If the Socialists is it going to be The Nottinghamshire Socialists, Martin Schwatz and his foreign allies or the Archbishop of York's Anglican League.

Thanks for spending the time reading.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Super Dungeon Explore

I have finally got a copy of the great game Super Dungeon Explore and I have been lucky enough to bag a first print copy too. Super Dungeon Explore, the world's first chibi anime strategy battle game is ready for pre-order from Soda Pop Miniatures! Go head-to-head with your party of brave adventurers, or play as the dungeons evil master summoning hordes of minions to battle over who will rule the underworld of Crystalia.

This game box comes complete with over 50 finely crafted Soda Pop miniatures, full rules, cards, dice, and battle maps to start playing your games of Super Dungeon Explore! Now with 50 wee miniatures, they are actually 28mm plus in size, I could not say no, could I.

Here are the first two figures that I have painted, and they are been fun.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cromwell's New Model Army Pikes

After finishing the Irish plate the next one I am doing is the New Model Army, especially uniformed for there time in Ireland. I have gone for the traditional looking pikeman but without the armour, which most pike men got rid of as it was heavy and very uncomfortable. I have gone for the ribbon ties  which would be in the regiments lining colours and he has the look of someone who has fought a little to long.

NMA Pikeman

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Irish Brigade

The Earl of Antrim raised a brigade of regular Foot as the Irish contingent of his planned three pronged attack on Scottish Parliament forces. The brigade was raised from available men in Ulster: Scot-Irish, Anglo-Irish and Hebrideans, but the main were probably Irish from Ulster and Connaught. Most would have been veterans from the wars in Ireland and Flanders.

The brigade was made up of three regiments, led by Colonels MacDonnell and O'Cahan, and Major Laghtman. The brigade itself was led by the colourful Highlander, Alasdair MacDonald. This brigade of regular troops was the cornerstone of Montrose's force, and an important part of his victories. But without reinforcements, and rapidly dwindling numbers, their destruction at Philiphaugh meant the end of Montrose's forces.

Here is the next in the series this time its the Irish Musketeer. Like the pikeman he is dressed in the traditionally Irish clothing and is readying his musket. I really like this chap.

Irish Brigade Musketeer.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Irish Pikeman

Here is the next in the series this on being one of Montrose's "Irish" Pike. This chap has a more of an traditional Irish look to him with him legging type breeches, woollen cap and cheaply made jacket or tunic. He is lucky as he still has some shoes or he might of liberated them. I have rather enjoyed drawing this chap and there is something rather pleasing about the pose. Here he is.

Irish Pikeman, War of the Three Kingdoms.

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