Monday, 2 July 2012

The Irish Brigade

The Earl of Antrim raised a brigade of regular Foot as the Irish contingent of his planned three pronged attack on Scottish Parliament forces. The brigade was raised from available men in Ulster: Scot-Irish, Anglo-Irish and Hebrideans, but the main were probably Irish from Ulster and Connaught. Most would have been veterans from the wars in Ireland and Flanders.

The brigade was made up of three regiments, led by Colonels MacDonnell and O'Cahan, and Major Laghtman. The brigade itself was led by the colourful Highlander, Alasdair MacDonald. This brigade of regular troops was the cornerstone of Montrose's force, and an important part of his victories. But without reinforcements, and rapidly dwindling numbers, their destruction at Philiphaugh meant the end of Montrose's forces.

Here is the next in the series this time its the Irish Musketeer. Like the pikeman he is dressed in the traditionally Irish clothing and is readying his musket. I really like this chap.

Irish Brigade Musketeer.


  1. Very nice and a great pose too! Are you colouring the ECW drawings? Or are they staying as they are?

    1. Actually Ray yes they are staying as drawings for the time being but at a later date who knows.

  2. I was in O'Cahans in the Sealed Knot many moons ago...
    Splendid ecw drawings sir!

  3. Thanks there once again chaps.


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