Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Right Wing Flags for VBCW

I have started on finishing off the flags of the Right Wing forces in VBCW. These ones are the first two of twelve and represent the minor fascist factions. The first two are the National Socialist League, just watch the weird hits I am going to get with that one. The NSL is Bully Boy Boyce personal guard and the other one is the English Array foreign legion made up of central and eastern Europeans.  Here there are


  1. Hi, PK: Very nice flags. I enjoy viewing your style of art. Gracias, Sir.

  2. Splendid flags...
    Any chance of some English Mistery flag with a suitably traditional/qusi medieval feel to it?

  3. Great work Pete, on top form again Sir.

  4. Thanks there chaps, I find doing the flags somewhat relaxing.


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