Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Other Partizan, 2nd September and the Irish

Well I have finished the Irish firing Salvee and I rather like it and I have got a couple of more plates to do now, which is very nice. The other two plates I have to do are also Irish troops in the ECW which is good, Here is the picture.

This is going to a pitch battle encounter, basically refighting a major battler that happen near Newark. As as I have stated before a pretender one Reginald Langton-Simpson, has landed in the country and raised a Red fight to rally to his cause and the Royalists have come to put an end to this pretender, by God there is enough to worry about without this. So on one June summers day the two armies clash near Newark, see if you can guess where?

So there is going to be three field commands and one overall command on each side. This means at a totally of total of eight players can be playing at again one time. If more that eight person are interested in playing then me can rotate the commanders around, half day playing, half day shopping, helping chatting to the happy punters. There are a couple of people I would like to play all or most of the day, as they are travelled far to get there but thats something that can be discussed nearer the time, once we have ideas on numbers.

So as for troops and forces Hastings has very kindly stated that he can supply the core troops for each side, this hopefully will give a uniformed look to the game and is also going to supply the terrain boards. I do requires some troops from everyone, a special unit or two with command, flags, etc, some if you are playing can you think of which side you want to play and bring one or a couple of special units, 10men strong and a five man command unit. I well push on more information about this shortly.

The rules I am going to be using is Brigadier38 for a couple of reasons, mainly I think it work well for these big style games, but its going to be a cut down version and crib/play sheet will be available shortly.

Any questions now it the time to ask and a show of hands for those who are interested.

Also the chap with the lovely lady whom I chatting to at the last Partizan can you please email again.


  1. Another great plate and best of luck with the game, although I have little doubt that it will nothing but a roaring success.

  2. Good luck with the game mate.....

  3. I'd love to have a go, but can't make it to Partizan :0( Good luck with the game, it sounds like its gonna be fun!!


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