Sunday, 8 July 2012

VBCW at Other Partizan, 2nd September

At the sounds of "The Internationale" the Red Flag was raised and a proclamation was made:

"That A champion of noble blood and liberty today will strike forth to lead the people against the Iron Fist of Mosley and Edward. This man has the interests of the good hard working people of England, no the interest of all men and women in This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, for this champion can claim the right of Kings and also rejects the principle of it. He believes in the Right of the Common man and the Right of self determination, This man is prepared to carry the Red Flag of Courage and march at the front of any army and fight the false Kings, Lords and Ladies and unite this land under the People's Rule.
Who will Follow me and fight for what is rightful yours"

And so the proclamation was stated and the banner raised as the New Champion of the People rallied troops to his cause. This “People’s King” moved and setup his headquarters in Newark. To his cause came the Archbishop of York “Red” Leicester with the York Anglican League, an exiled trade union leader from German, Martin Schwatz and with him a body of German volunteers and the local People’s Assault Column and some of the Socialist groups from Nottinghamshire and surrounding area.

King dispatches units from Army of the Severn Valley, The Army of the North and The Duke of Rutland and his forces, to smash this threat.

Who is the People’s King well...

So here is the first real roll call for people wanting to play this game. I am looking for three field commanders for each side and a overall commander. Also if people want to come and not play but want to help out with chatting to the public and such, you are also very welcome. I am looking to play on a 6x10 table using terrain boards and it is going to be a pitched battle, with lots of troops on the table. The actually battlefield, based on a real battle, maybe a prize for guessing it, is rather empty save for farming land, hedges, the odd tress, a coppice and a small farm. More to follow shortly.

So if you are interested please let me know and which side you want to play. If Royalist which force, Army of the Severn, Army of the North or The Duke of Rutland's. If the Socialists is it going to be The Nottinghamshire Socialists, Martin Schwatz and his foreign allies or the Archbishop of York's Anglican League.

Thanks for spending the time reading.


  1. Good luck with this my friend.....

  2. That this sounds wonderful, best of luck with the game Pete.

  3. I'm hunkering -down in my foxhole!

  4. If only I were going I would have volunteered!!! Sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun though!!

  5. I just got done going through your previous posts, looking at your painting, your illustrations and I popped over to you VBCW webstore. I must say I'm impressed and am at a loss of where to begin. Your illustrations are first-rate, just brilliant. Do you plan on coloring in the series of Irish you are doing. That would be most lovely if you would.

    I see also you are quite the rebel with playing bloodbl (Ray would say you've gone over to "the darkside!). The figures you've been painting from Soda Pop Miniatures are lovely and I do like those chibi anime you just finished.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and encourage there Anne, I am really glad that you have enjoyed the blog and like the illustrations. I do indeed hope to paint the Irish but these are for a book that is going to be black and white but after it is finished I will do them as a side project for me.

  6. Thanks there chaps. We'll see hope it develops.


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