Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bad News, Good News and Other Partizan

The Battle of Houghton on the Hill, 1938

Due to personal events which have happened recently the planned Battle of Stoke Fields at Other Partizan has been cancelled . But please dont fear as this means that it will on ahead but at another time.

Now thats the Bad News out of the way, and I hope that you are still reading this as out of the ashes of that a new game has risen. Carrying on with the previous Partizan themes with the Duke of Rutland, the Leicester Socialists, the battle to capture King Eddy, the battle of Queniborough, now come the third part in the series the Battle of Houghton on the Hill. Yes the Battle of Houghton on the Hill and hear is the plan.

The Setting

The village of Houghton on the Hill finds itself today a part of the ever ongoing civil war that has gripped the country. Being an important crossed between Leicester and the Anglican League at Peterborough, the Duke of Rutland has rushed in a detachment of troops to take and hold the crossroads until reinforcements turn on. Moved into the village under the guise of Lord Quenby’s LDV on an exercise and before the locals knew what was happening, the Duke of Rutland’s BUF set up a road block and placed the village under guard.

The forward observers from the Leicester socialists noticed and observed the movement of Lord Quenby’s troops with interest, as they have been relatively quite since the attack on Queniborough. Upon seeing that they have set up a road block at the crossroads and in fact that they are not the LDV that entered the village but now black/grey uniformed BUF they have sent back there messages to raise the alarm, for good reason as on the Duke of Rutland has control of a virtual crossroads and also, if he brings up his artillery, he can rain fore on the city and the airfield.

The Rules

The rules being used for the game is Went the Day Well by Mr Ook. If anyone is in need of a copy please pm me with your email address and I’ll send them out for you. The version we are using is Version 9, so check your version and let me know if you need the latest one?

The Game Setup

The will be three players on itself side with a fourth player as overall commander and holds the reserve platoon. The starting positions are outlined below and on the map.

The player’s forces will be:
A command section of commander, a 2iC, and two runners.

Next will be 2x sections of 10men, with one commander, one LMG and the rest armed with rifles, shotguns, SMGs, as fits the figures.

A Support Team

Either Mortar with crew
Or HMG with Crew

A Specialist Team
Either a Boys AT rifle with 2 man crew,
Or 2 man Anti-Tank team,
Or 2 man Roadside Bomb Team,
Or Light Armour vehicle

The Royalist Plan

The plan is simply Royalist/BUF forces have planned a surprise attack to gain advance of a virtual crossroads outside of the city of Leicester, which brings both the city and the airfield into range of the Duke of Rutland’s artillery and provide a good forward base for further actions on the area and on the city itself. So the Duke has sent a platoon of his best troops, his Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF Co or the Doctor O Buffs as the Leicester socialists call them, to take and hold the village and the crossroads from all comers.

So the BUF player sets up all his forces within the village at the start of the game.

Turn two, the player commanding the forces coming in from Billesdon, far table edge come in, as these the first set of reinforcements to support the BUF. These will be make up you’re the Duke of Rutland’s Royalist Allies.

Lord Quenby’s Catholic forces will come in from the top of the table, from Green Hill. From Turn Two a die is rolled to see if they turn up,
Turn Two 5,6
Turn Three 3,4,5,6
Turn Four Anything but a 1.

Reserve troops to start arriving anytime after Turn Four with the same roll as above.

The plan and aim for the Royalist/BUF/Catholic forces is to hold the village of Houghton on the Hill from those socialists.

The Socialist Plan

The plan is to retake or drive out the Duke of Rutland’s forces from the area. As it is a virtual crossroads junction the city has rapidly assembled a rush force to retake the village quickly. However as the city council was taken by surprise, the network of informers and spies having been purged by the Duke’s forces after the Queniborough incident, and a has sent orders in a rather uncoordinated manner to available forces in the area to stop the Edwardites at all costs as they fear the loss of the airfield and the city to them.

The City of Leicester, Thurnby and Bushby, LDV are the first chaps to be rushed forward to push out the BUF from the village. The player has his full platoon with him but starts advancing up the road from Thurmby, the main road from Leicester to the village.

Turn Three, the players commanding the Launde Abbey and Leicester, Anglican League forces will come in from the southern table edge from Fisby Grange Farm area, with orders to cut off the BUF retreat and help retake the village.

The player commanding the City of Leicester, Houghton LDV is to enter the table from the south-western edge of the table from the Houghton Lodge Farm area. From Turn Two a die is rolled to see if they turn up.
Turn Two 6
Turn Three 4,5,6
Turn Four Anything but a 1.

Reserve troops at start arriving after Turn Four with the same roll as above.

The Plan for the City of Leicester Socialists/Anglican League is to drive those Doctor O Buffs from the village, take back the crossroads and hold it against those Edwardites.

I hope that the everyone is happy with is plan, I know I am. Can everyone who is player please bring any trees, hedges, walls that they have.

Thanks there chap


  1. That is a bit of a blow, but on with the show as they say.

  2. Sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun!!!


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