Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Evesham Volunteers

Yes its time for the Evesham Volunteers to step to the stage and take its bow. Here is the finished illustration for Solway's next release a book of Royalists Flags and a bit about the histories of the units carrying them. This chap is from a militia unit The Evesham Volunteers who are raised in support of King Edward VIII and are a part of the Army of the Severn. Here is the chap for you.

Evesham Volunteer Standard Bearer

I have had to use Safari to upload the picture and post this, Bloody Chrome


  1. nicely done. I really like the flag in particular

  2. Very nice work mate, the flag really looks like its billowing in the breeze. Oddly I usually have more problems with Safari as a platform than anything else. Glad you got a work around though!

  3. The winds of war are blowing! Beautiful illustration PK.

  4. Excellent work Sir, this promises to be another gem of a publication.

  5. Thanks there guys, I think he is one of best,


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