Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I Cant Upload any Pictures, Aaaarrrggghhhh

Well I cant upload any pictures to my blog at the moment, stupid blogger. I have tried different Chrome, IE Firefox and its the same on all and its pissing me off. Is anyone else having or had similar problems?


  1. Sorry I haven't mate I uploaded some yesterday and they went up ok. I've got some more to add today will let you know later

  2. Blogger is always having one sort of frustrating problem or another. I've heard of one other chap who is having similar troubles and he's in the middle of posting an important ongoing series. Talk about frustrated!

  3. I had this problem in the past it seemed to be some sort of glitch and fixed its self.

    Does yours fail when you try to upload or not even allow you to start the process?

    1. Mr Smillie it does even start the process. Bet its to do with a flash update I had today

  4. Can you upload your pictures directly to picasa?
    Then you'd be able to use them from there(they're connected).
    I always do so, using the picasa tool.

    Maybe also your amount of pictures of your picasa-account has exceeded the limit of 1024 Pictures (only big pics count there)...

    Hope it works for you soon again!

  5. Not had any problems recently, but hope it sorts itself out soon.

  6. Works fine for me sorry dude. does yours upload to picasa? try uploading outside of blogger see if it helps. When you upload just select your blog folder

  7. Ta for all your help and suggestions and I am using Safari at the mo to upload things as it works on there.


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