Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm so Excited

I dont know about you lot but its only a week to go and I am starting to feel the bug of excitement about the game. I hope you fellas are up for a good and enjoyable game? I know I am.

Anyway I got the confirmation through this morning and morning and we are in our normal place, near Paul Hick's and Mutton Chops, Reiver Castings and Gripping Beast. I have included a map to us those who have not been before where we are, we are the highlight one, the green one.

Doors open at 10.00 for the public and I will be getting there for a 8 start, to set up the table.


  1. Wish we could get there, have fun!!!

  2. One day I'd love to go to Old Blighty and do massive convention tour!

    Good luck with your game. Looking forward to lots of photos!

  3. I am looking forward to the day and seeing my figure for the first time in the lead.


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