Monday, 27 August 2012

New VBCW Cover Work

Yes I am working on a new project for Si at Solway, this one being a book of Flags and banners of the Royalist factions. I was given a very simple brief, can I have a banner bearer for the book and I did the rest. I have gone for a militia standard bearer from the Evesham Volunteers and have done great joy with him. I have goiven him the standard British army tin helmet, a Safari Jacket and some tweed walking breeches. His webbing is "home made" and he carries a Bergmann MP28, a pistol in a holster, possible a Broom Handled Mauser and a sword sword or bayonet. The standard is that's of the Evesham Volunteers and a copy of it is here.

Evesham Volunteers Colours

Evesham Volunteers Standard Bearer, 1938


  1. Lovely work Pete, the sketch is top notch, you really have gotten very good at this period drawing lark in the last couple of years!

  2. Thanks there chaps for the kind words of support. I have enjoyed enjoying going back to VBCW for a change. The painted version should be on the blog this evening.


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