Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wine, Good Company and the Olympics

Yes yes the closing of the Olympics maybe I can get back to normality and get my arse in gear. Please dont get me wrong I have loved every day of the Olympics and have watched a get deal of the events, fights, races and enjoyed every second of it, but it has impacted on me done my illustrations and paint, surprise, surprise. I now promise that I will get myself back into the flame and finish the illustrations for the book and paint more.

And to this end I have started and finished another one of my Soda Pop Miniatures' Super Dungeon Explore  figures which brings the grand total finished to 6 finished and another forty four to go. Actually I ordered a the Limited Edition character for the game, a Candy and Cola, but more on that later.

I have now finished the Riftling Rouge, who is a Demonkin Hero. She is another one of the heroes in the game and it was nice and good to paint something in a different colour skin, not really painted much in purple,save a couple of zombies, and i think she has come out rather nicely. I am rather liking painting these Amine Chibi style figures and I can not wait to have them all finished. Here are a couple more pictures of her.

Now for Candy and Cola, I had to order her from the US as strangely no one in the UK stocks her and the prices for her on ebay where stupid, no surprise there. Well I got her yesterday and I have to say I am rather happy with her. She is actually metal as opposed to the others from the game which are that plastic/resin stuff, yes I am really that technical, I know all the terms, lol and she comes with a playing card for the game too.

I cant wait to paint her but there is a new add on for the game, complete with more figures, but they realise that I have a life, actually what life, okay they win, called the Caverns of Roxor. Looks good too.

And I have saved this one to last, me celebrating Mo's win yesterday with friends, I warn you now its scary.


  1. Gorgeous paintjob especially on the eyes well done mate. Look forward to seeing more of these

  2. Like you the whole hobby thing seems to have taken a back seat for the last couple of weeks! Great work on this spooky little devil and as Brummie said the eyes are great.

  3. She's a cutey that figure and you are tempting me to want to try to paint some of these little guys. I must resist, I must resist.

  4. Not really my cup o tea, but you made a great job on the figure and I've gotta agree with Brum, you've painted the eyes perfectly! That last pic was very scary!!

  5. Thanks there They sure are fun to paint. Mind you I think the child catcher better start looking for another job, lol

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