Monday, 3 September 2012

Other Partizan and the Battle of Houghton on the Hill

Yesterday the Battle of Houghton on the Hill happened and a jolly good game was had. Here is a report of the first part of the battle.

Photos of the game. Yes here some photo from the game in order of the day starting with the setup and then the turns. These are other the start of them.

The setup with Ook, Monsewer Crapaud and Smillie.
The Morrismen dancing in the street in front of the New Mrs Ooks.
The setup looking from the village of Billesdon toward Houghton on the Hill
Looking towards Houghton with a well know celeb in the picture with Smillie, Lord of Jerwood, Gimzod and Burnin' Coal
Close up of Houghton Church with that celeb still hanging around.
The Morrismen dance the Catholics join in.
Those Catholics who gave the SFF such a hard time.
Smillie demonstrating his God like Heat Ray as the Sons of Rorke's Drift stand on and cheer 
Ook's SFF move to assault Monsewer Crapaud's Catholics in Houghton Village.
The Humberstone Militia march out onto the battlefield with new colours waving.
Monsewer's Catholics infest and defend the houses of Houghton with the Humber Stones to the south of the village.
Smillie's Sons of Rorkes Drift start there march from the village of Billesdon toward the village of Houghton in aid of there Catholic allies under Lord Quenby.
The Duke watches on as the Sons march forward to victory or death. 
The Duke of Rutland encourages the troops
Looking at the village of Houghton with Ook's SFF hard pressed and Gimzod's AL Poles entering the battle to attack the village from the south.
Gimzod's Polish troops start there attack on the Catholics in the village.
The Sons of Rorkes Drift attack the AL Poles in the fields between the two villages.
The lull in the battle as lunch is called. Sandwiches, tea and cakes are called up to the front line.
Tomorrow the second part of the battle.


  1. Thanks for the pics and AAR. Great looking table

  2. Looks awesome. Looking forward to more.

  3. Enjoy the fun! Are those your flags I see flappin' in the breeze?

  4. Dancing Morris Men.
    Now that is an idea for a unit.

  5. Excellent post Sir; can't wait for the conclusion.

  6. Heat rays are the way to go chaps, beats dice rolling thats old hat.

  7. Glad that you chaps liked them and part two is coming along.

  8. A fantastic looking game, I want one of those God like heat rays!!!


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