Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Finished Renaultque Tank

Yes i have finished the lovely little Pseudo Renault  tank I am very happy with the results. As I has said before it has all the hallmarks of a homemade, home built tank with some crazy mechanic/engineer type saying to himself that looks easy to build and this is the result, so crazy designed boiler plate tanks and I love it. The tank itself is from Akula Armies, a world of dwarves and goblins and the Great War, well worth having a look and at £15 its a steal. The only question is who to give it too. So here it is.

The Duke of Rutland in front of his new tank.


  1. Hi, PK: The metal dog house on the tank's aft end probably houses a mechanical K-9. Great psychedelic job!

  2. What a splendid bit of kit; great job Pete.

  3. A delightfully dotty design, and very effective paintwork. I like the Sid James figure too. Now, if someone would produce a figure of him in the guise of Mark Anthony from Carry On Cleo, I'd buy him! =)


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