Sunday, 30 September 2012

Volunteer Rifles and New Flags

I have finished the Volunteer Rifleman and I am rather pleased with it. I as you can see I went for the Rifle Green jacket with black facings and silver buttons of a British Rifle regiment. I also gave the chap a Glengarry of the Rifles with a plume or hackle and as the regiment is Scottish I have given it the checked board band with green to mark it as a rifle unit. The trews are in Douglas Hunting Tartan, thanks there to Ray for suggesting that pattern and it works rather well with this.

Douglas Volunteer Rifles, 1938

Also I have done a couple of flags for someone too, these are for his Anglican League force which are based in Chester.


  1. The gentleman is very handsome in his uniform, PK.

  2. Great work PK, he looks the part, I'm glad I had a little input into this fine looking chap!

  3. Another dashing chap joins the ranks - cracking job Sir.

  4. Cracking Pete, the trews look great really nice work.


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