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Winter of Discontent in Leicestershire and Rutland VBCW38

Here is a recap on all the exciting going on in the VBCW world of Leicestershire and Rutland. As the winter is coming in 38 the positions have become a little difficult for the socialists in Leicester and the Anglican League at Laude Abbey, but the Duke of Rutland and his reluctant Allies in Lord Quenby's Catholics have been good taking the initiative and advancing on the city. Below is an account of what is happening so far. 

What follows is the position for Leicester and Rutland. I hope it fits into the background as I have tried very hard to keep it within the boundaries of what has been written before. As it stands the city of Leicester is in danger of falling to the Edwardite forces of the Duke of Rutland and his Belvoir, pronounced Beaver Brigade as BUF and Royalists, but there is the socialist leagues to the north at Nottngham and west in Birmingham which might intervene to at least save the coalfield but also the manufacturing centres on Leicester. So Rutland is totally under the control of the Duke forces, being a very conservative place, loyal supports, seeing themselves of the Heirs to Richard III Legacy, this can be seen in there Flags:

To the west of the country I see the City of Peterborugh being a small but import Anglican League Bishopric and to the south I see the county of Northampton split rather like Leicester with the industry towns of Corby and its steel making, being very much Socialists with some Scottish Republican elements, lay population of Scots living there, Wellingborough and Rushden with its shoe manufacturing again being Socialists as I do Northampton but Northampton should also have a large Catholic force as it has a RC Cathedral and a large Irish population living in a part of the town named Semilong and in the shadow of the Cathedral. The rest of the county and towns like Towcester, Banbury, King Norton, Newport Pagnell are Royalist as is most of the countyside.

The one thing around Northamptonshire and Leicestershire is that they are crissed crossed with a canals that link to most parts of the county with the Grand Union Canal and the links to other important canals, rivers and waterways, meaning that trade can flow between various parts of the country.

After the socialist council in the city of Leicester had risen up and defeated the BUF  after trying to getting there boot the Leicestershire front when a little quiet with a stalemate or truce happening in the county. The socialist were happy with the north and the north west, defending the coalfield for the Socialist League and the Royalist were happy from the south and east, including the county of Rutland, with the rich agricultural lands they held. The Anglican League held a small but important strip of land centred around Laude Abbey which lies between the bishopric of Peterborough and Leicester and is used as a secret training camp of the Anglican Leagues.

Red = Socialist; Blue = Royalists; Purple = Anglican League
Things started to hot up in the area when the King landed at RAF Wittering to visit the Duke of Rutland. The Socialist League from Leicester and the Anglican League from Peterborough raced to the area in an attempt to capture or kill the King. This action caused the Duke of Rutland, a close and loyal friend to plan an offence against the city of socialists and there Anglican League supports. The plan was simple to cut the supply routes to the east by capturing and holding the important crossroads at Houghton on the Hill, but before this plan could take place another set of circumstances appeared.

A VIP, no names but code named Alex, is at the Old Hall Manor having a rest and a recruitment drive for funds and arranging a meeting for some of the heads of the various factions on the area. Now being rather close to the city of Leicester, the Fosse Way  and the A6 news has got out of a private meeting between this VIP and a couple of the factions and the others have decided after many days looking for this VIP and meeting to put a stop to the meeting and arrest the people attending. So the village of Queniborough is resting happily unaware of the forces coming to it. Luckily, for the VIP the actually forces are still not sure of actually who it is they are after, what forces they having at their disposal and who else is coming to "investigate".  The fight was a bit of a debacle which the VIP getting away along with the various local faction leaders and all forces returned back to there starting areas.

So the Duke of Rutland when back to planning the attack on Houghton on the Hill but also used his “specials” to route out all socialist and Anglican League spies and informants, doubles he’s own spy and informant network especially in the city of Leicester and spread disinformation about catching the city council off guard. The Duke of Rutland also “enlisted” the help of Lord Quenby and his Catholics forces which lei around Quenby Hall and the village of Hungerton and Quenby. The Duke used these to keep up the pressure on the Anglican League at Laude Abbey keeping them occupied with Lord Quenby’s forces and not realising the build up of the Duke’s forces until it was too late. 

When Houghton of the Hill being an important crosswords for the city of Leicester Socialists and the Anglican Leagues of Laude Abby with routes to the north and the Socialist League of Nottngham, east to the Bishopric of Peterborough and there Anglican League allies and to the south and the socialist manufacturing factures of Corby, Wellingborough and Northampton.

The Duke’s assault on Houghton was complete and during the night following the attack forward elements of the Duke’s BUF and Royalist forces captured the villages of Thurnby and Bushby and Lord Quenby;s forces captures the villages of Scaptoft and Borough Hill, putting pressure on the Anglican League at Laude Abbey. With the capturing of these sites artillery has been brought up and a slow bombardment of the city has started to happen and the city has requested help of Loughborough and the Social League of Nottingham.

Red = Socialist; Blue = Royalists; Purple = Anglican League; Yellow = Catholics
Map of Northamptonshire
Red = Socialist; Blue = Royalists; Purple = Anglican League; Yellow = Catholics
Map of Leicestershire and Northampton Winter 38
Red = Socialist; Blue = Royalists; Purple = Anglican League; Yellow = Catholics


  1. More nice flags and interesting maps too!

  2. Somebody has been busy, tremendous Pete.

  3. Pk, your a man "who never sleeps!" Excellent product of time well spent.

  4. Excellent work there pete, "slow bombardment of the city" does this mean I can get away with building a few complete buildings and lots of knackered ones? :)

    1. Yes sir it does mean that you can get away with knackered building, mind you in Leicester you could tell, lol.

  5. I am glad that you chaps enjoyed the read. Cheers there


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