Sunday, 9 December 2012

Flags and Figures

I recently have done so flags for a friend of mine for his Somerset Freedom Fighters and North Somerset Yeomanry and he has sent me through a couple of pictures of them. I have to say that the standard of his painting is second to none and my flags have only added, so might say, devalued, his great figures. So here are the photos and the flags.

Firstly are the Somerset Freedom Fighters standard bearer. The figure is from Musketeer Miniatures' VBCW Militia Standard Bearers and it is beautiful painted by the chap. I have to say that it looks damn good with the flag and all.

Secondly are the North Somerset Yeomanry and again they are wonderfully painted. Again these figures are from Musketeers Miniatures and again from Bill's VBCW range, this time they are actually billed as BUF Mounted Infantry, but can be used for other factions too.

If interest the chap who painted them offers a painting service here


  1. Wow those look great! A lovely flag and nice basing can certainly take a well painted unit to the next level. Your flags definitely do the trick here.


  2. Now those are superb looking. Top stuff mate.

  3. Replies
    1. The figures and so well above my standard but thanks Ray

  4. Really nice job, the flag is perfect on this model...

    1. Thanks there Gnotta&#39 and welcome to my blog


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