Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Scottish Book, a Flag Book and a Year Book

The books that I have illustrated and created flags for are on pre order at Solway now priced at £8.00 each plus postage and package. I know this is a shameless plug but I have to say I think that the Armies and Enemies of the Scottish republic contain some of my best work to date and I have really enjoyed illustrating it. Here is the cover for the book and the book itself contains details of the Scottish Republic, the Covenant, the League of St Andrews, the Red Clydesiders and  other Socialists forces, the Jacobites and more.

Also coming out and on pre order is The Factions, Flags and Formations Part 1, the Royalists and Reactionaries. Containing over 60 flags designed and created by me, this book includes details of the formations of King Edward VIII's forces of both the Army of the Severn and the Army of the North but also the British Union of Fascists flags and Legions.

Si at Solway has also done a year book of the figures that he has painted which looks at a very interesting book. This includes a number of differing periods including VBCW and the vehicles that he has converted and painted.

All these book now on pre order now and should be available from 20th December.

Also Only one day left to the raffle draw for the raffle to be drawn and have a chance of a figure sculpted by Paul Hicks, as header above. Cash prize is expected to be £2000! Still time to get involved:)


  1. Excellent work, PK. Hope you sell out of the books!

  2. Fame at last and great work, good luck mate!

  3. It was a splendid work PK and if I could afford it you know I'd buy it. It's the best work you've done and I sincerely hope you sell truckloads of them!

  4. Fabulous Pete, I'm delighted for you Sir.


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