Thursday, 31 January 2013

Leicester City Defences for the Partizan Game

Here is a tester for the quickly thrown up defences, trenches for the Partizan game. Basically a through earthwork with some wooden planks for cover. This was quite a simple thing to make, a bit of shaped polythene covered in all purpose, ready to use filler glued to a base with the planks being Mr MacDonald's' coffee stirrers. Let me know what you thing, as I have another 35 of them to do after this one. Actually I just recounted and its 36 inches of defences I want as it is six inches in length it is only another five of them to do, but I might increase that to more. Anyway here some pictures of them.


front to the side


Side profile

Some figures to give an idea of scale. The last two figures are actually kneeling.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Prince Albert's Own Leicester Yeomanry

Here is another one in the series of my Very British Civil War series and these are the Leicester Yeomanry  These chaps have reverted back to their yeomanry uniform hence the blue rather than a khaki uniform and as with a lot of the yeomanry units as they believe in the maxim of being seen and heard.This has led to a lot of rash and some would say reckless charges, with charging tanks being top of the list. Now the regiment has formed a sort of anti tank, tank hunter role with explosive charges being carried by them to put those tanks out of action. Well thats the theory as they have yet to score a hit on a tank since charging at Albanich and bothering a French built Char B, still they hope one day to take a tank out.

Now is reality the regiment was in the throws of being converted into an artillery regiment, actually two regiments, missing out on being mechanised, the regiments were fully converted by 1940, which means the regiment was still an cavalry/horse regiment. So I have converted some the troops over, actually just brought an 18pdr and crew and painted them in the yeomanry's uniform.

These chaps can be found with both the City of Leicester Socialist Council and also with the Duke of Rutland's Edwardite forces. All figures and gun and limber are by Reiver Castings and the gun and limber is excellent and the cavalry and crew being rather nice, not the best sculpts but still very nice, well worth checking out.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More of those Bloody Event Cards

After all the great feedback from you chaps here and the lads over at Very British Civil Forum I have finished and finalised the layout of the cards and the sheet. The next thing is to get them printed up on card, a question of what weight to use but I think I will be going with 250gsm. If you chaps know the weight of playing cards card or those used by other games like 7Tv I would be grateful.  So here are the complied layouts.

The Card's Back

The Card's Front

Monday, 28 January 2013

More Event Cards for VBCW

I have listened to what people have say and I have redone and changed the event card for partizan a tad, I hope these are a little better as I have changed the font and also added a Good for you, Green backing, Bad for you, Red backing and Neutral, Grey backing for the card. Please let me know what you think.

The Good

The Bad

And the indifferent, neutral cards

Dont be shy and shout out there about them

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Event/Change Cards for VBCW Game for Partizan

Here is the first draft or rather examples of the Event Cards we are planning on using, along with Mr Ook's wonderful rules for the game at Partizan. These event cards are the ones from Went the Day Well and I have poncified, but I am planning these to be used with any set of rules for VBCW. What do you think of them chaps? Any suggestions to make them better?

Backside of the cards

Fronts of the cards

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Leicestershire and Rutland Post Office Rifles

Here are the Leicestershire and Rutland Post Office Rifles. Formed at the outbreak of the Civil War to protect the post they chaps have recently been uniformed at the Duke of Rutland's expense in new shiny uniforms. The uniforms are of the Duke's own design and have that toy soldier quality to the look, maybe the Duke was looking at his tin soldiers at the time, though he thinks its a Prussian look. The main blue uniform is the standard Post office uniform but the Shakos and wigs have that Prussian feel that the Duke was trying to create. The rest of the equipment again is some what borrowed from the Prussian uniform with the Duke trying to give a more military feel to the unit. I still have the Standard to complete.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Post Office Rifles

Here is the latest unit that I have nearly finished for my VBCW game and these chaps are the Post Office Rifles. The actual miniatures are from Paul Hick's very own company called Mutton Chop Miniatures, and are called Major Pippin's Ceremonial Academy Guards and have nothing to do with Trumpton.  Very nice sculpts, as you expect for Paul Hick and are full of character. Now I already have the Royal Mail Rocket Team, again sculpted by Paul Hick, from Musketeer Miniatures Interwar/VBCW range and I needed some infantry to go with these and the Major Pippin chaps fit the bill. These chaps are still waiting there bases to be done but I am very happy with them especially as I have used new brushes on these from Rosemary and Co Artist Brushes and i have to say I am jolly impressed with them and if you dont already use them I would say have a pop at their website and check them out.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Making Hedges for Partizan

I have been experiment with making hedges for Mr Smillie's and my game at Partizan in June and have been missing about with a couple of ideas. Basically I am looking for those more cleaner, trimmed hedges that you find in cities as opposed to the large hedges and trees that are so common in the countryside. So here are my first two experiments using those green scourer pads that you use for cleaning pots and pans with and i am rather pleased with the results. I have cut the hedges to make them more rounded and natural looking and them pulled and teased the pad give it a more hedgy less scourer look and feel, plus I like that distressed look. Then dry brush it various shades of green over a black base and on one I added some Nock leaves and the other left without. Now the question is which one is more natural and realistic?

With Leaves

Without Leaves

Sunday, 20 January 2013

What is Very British Civil War?

Given that I do a lot on this blog about VBCW, okay thats all I manly do I thought that it would be good to explain what this crazy little period is all about so here it is.

VBCW or Very British Civil War is an alternative history created by Messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas and published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

In this scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the nation and results in Civil war. As a result instead of going to war in Europe Britain is facing a very British crisis.

The main players or factions are

The Edwardian Royalists- supporting King Edward

The Reactionaries-Mainly far right organisations who are supporting Edward to further their own agenda

The Anglican League- 'Middle England' at war, traditional liberals or Conservatives who find themselves unable to support the King and his Prime Minister

The Liverpool Free State- Faced with troops trying to break strikes in the City, the Mayor declares Liverpool an Independent Free State

The Yorkist Front- The City of York declares its support not for the King but his brother Prince Albert

The Peoples' Armies- socialist groups seeking revolution rather than just reform of the monarchy and government

The Scottish Republic- angered by the imposition of paramilitaries and the activities of the King's Prime Minister, Scotland succeeds from the union and declares a republic

Nationalist Independence Groups- In Wales and Cornwall groups are fighting for independence of the King's government

The Albertines- The democratic parliament in exile, elect Prince Albert Lord protector and invite him to return from self imposed exile in Canada and take all necessary means to restore order

The Red Clydesiders- Radical socialist groups in Glasgow aiming to bring about a socialist revolutionary government

The Jacobites- Angered by the failures of the Scottish Republic this group of mainly conservative highland landlords have invited Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria, last claimant to the Stuart line to raise a revolt

The League of St Andrew- the pro unionist party in Scotland seeking an alliance with Prince Albert

The Lord of the Isles- A Scandinavian aristocrat distantly related to the English Royal family revives an ancient claim on the Western Isles

One of the best things about VBCW is its creativity, its your civil war, you can create a history in your back yard or somewhere you know well. VBCW blends local history and your imagination. Be warned its adddictive. Most people start with this thinking its a nice idea for a skirmish game, which it is, but soon enough you are not only creating the odd unit but forming companies and battalions- just because its fun!

If you want to know more about this delightfully quirky, and fun period head on over to the where a group of friendly chaps are always ready to answer any questions you may have

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Tiger Cadets

Well I have finished a whole unit this week, I first for me, lol, well its actually taken me three days from metal to based and I am rather pleased with the result.This is yet again unit for my Very British Civil War game and these chaps or rather lads, more will become clear, are destined for my Duke of Rutland's forces.  These lads are made up from the various public/private schools in the area, namely, Uppingham School, Oakham School and Ratcliff School, from the chaps who both rugga buggas and in the school'd cadet force. Uniformed in the standard Service Dress of the British Army but the uniform has taken its colours from the Volunteer Rifle Unit and also from the Leicester Tigers, thus the name "Tiger Cadets". This combination of good sporting skills and cadet training should make these lads a formidable foe, but in true it has made them a rather unwieldy unit, as they think that they are superior to those around them. Only time will tell if this is just youthful enthusiasm or they really are one of the elite units.

The Tiger Cadets

The Tiger Cadets

The figures are from Reiver Castings and are from there their Great War range and actually are dismounted British cavalry. Now the Reiver figures are a little short for 28mm, closer to 25mm but look fine if fielded in the same unit. Now as these are young lads from the various public schools it seemed fitting that they be slightly smaller than the average adult so I have used them for this reason. Now I rather like the sculpt  true they are not the best out there but at £10 for a pack of ten foot figures or four mounted that cant be bad and I cant recommend them enough.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Very British Civil Forum Awards 2012

As some of you might know I also help administrate/moderate/run a forum called Very British Civil Forum which is a forum dedicated to wargaming the Interwar period and its conflicts and we have had its first awards for the members. I have to say it being my first experience at running a forum and also running awards on there, I was pleasantly surprised by its success. So here are the winners of the awards, so of the chaps follow this blog, so I thing its fair to post it. I will be running the competition again next years and will be learning fro my mistakes. To see the nominations you can click here

So the awards:
For the Best Painted Individual Figure Goes to .....

For the Best Painted Unit Goes to .....

For the Most Creative/Original Terrain Piece Goes to .....

For the Most Creative/Original Unit Goes to .....

For the Best Vehicle Goes to .....

For the Best Individual Figure for VBCW Goes to .....

For the Best Game or Show Goes to .....

Best Player Who Has Added the Most to VBCW in 2012

Yes I cannot believe it myself that I who the last award and I have to say I am totally chuffed with it. 
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