Sunday, 3 February 2013

News on Richard III and VBCW Facebook

I cant wait as tomorrow, Monday 4th February 2013, there will be an announcement about whether or not the body found in the Greyfriars Car Park is King Richard III or not and I have to say I am more that a little excited about this. Normally Kings are found in high places like Cathedrals and Castles but a car park well that has to be a first, lol.

Actually the car park is where a Franciscan Abbey was in the centre of Leicester and the car park was where the choir of that abbey was and this was meant to be the finally resting place of the late King Richard at the request of Henry Tudor, who defeated him at Bosworth, gosh I am talking history. So when they found a body with a deformation of the spine, and pre mortem wounds to the skull and bones and a arrow in its back in the very spot where it is said that he was meant to be, gosh that was jolly exciting, well for me anyway. Now tomorrow is the day when they going to tell the world whether or not its him.  My money is on the fact it is him as all the evidence points that way. There is also a program on Channel 4 at 9 on Monday evening all about this too.

Also I have started a facebook page for A Very British Civil War the link is here and if you are interested you could pop over and like the page, cheers.


  1. I saw this on the news, I think the suspicion is that it is him. I guess the argument now will be do we put him back under the carpark, or bury him slightly more fancy!

  2. I rather think it's Richard II too. The question is, where should he be interred? Westminster Abbey seems like a good bet.

  3. I'd bet on Westminster. Perhaps Windsor?

  4. I wish I had taken bets as he is going to be re-interred at Leicester Cathedral. A Lot of the historical press came out and said "Its Richard" then Leicester University, who did the dig then said "Oh No its Not" and now Time Team has there Special tonight?


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