Sunday, 17 February 2013

Rupert is feeling a little Blew

Here is the next sketch for the English Civil War book that I am doing and this one is going to be from Prince Rupert of the Rhine's Blew Coate Regiment of Foote. I have got for the campaign style of dress as I need with the King's Life Guard and he is uniformed in a similar way to the Life Guard too. Though I have gone for the shirt collars over the jacket look on this one and Montero style hat. As the might of guessed the regiment was called the Blewcoats and I will be painting him with a blue jacket and maybe the same colour trousers, but I will have to see about that. Hopefully I will have him finished tomorrow, so here he is.

Prince Rupert's Blew Coates
English Civil War


  1. He doesn't appear that happy though, nice work!

  2. Fran's Right he does not look happy, but I don't think I would be if I had to go to battle. I am sure I would have a few things on my mind as well. Good work PK. Having noted your speed of colour application I will check back tomorrow!

  3. Nicely done, Who would be happy being in the army in those days!

  4. Very nice work PK. Looking forward to the painted version!


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