Friday, 15 February 2013

^The Start of Something New

Here is the start of a new illustration project for a book which I cant not really say that must about yet. What I can say it is a book on the English Civil War and a rather important battle and hopefully the money raised from this book will help to raise the profile of this battlefield. Anyway here the start and this is a Musketeer from the King Lifeguard. He is uniformed and equipped in the typical well of someone from the Oxford army, with a rather simple but effective webbing with the bandoleers that normally you would see around the musketeers chest. Tomorrow I hope to have it finished and painted and then on to Rupert's Blews. Anyway here is a picture of him.

The King's Lifeguard,
The War of the Three Kingdoms,
Campaign Dress


  1. This should be an interesting series. Looking forward to seeing him in living colour PK.

  2. Looking good so far, not a water colourist my self so very interested to note that you think it can be painted in a single day. I of course bow to your far superior knowledge and look forward to seeing the result.

  3. Nice work, look forward to seeing him in colour.

  4. Great work PK. Sounds like an interesting series.


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