Saturday, 30 March 2013

More from Super Dungeon Explore

Next up on the Super Dungeon Explore painting front is a limited edition character for Super Dungeon Explore named Candy and her pet Cola. Now this actually figure is actually metal unlike the another from the game which is a resin plastic and I have to say that it is a great  mini. Originally it was a GenCon only release in the states but put it on general release and she is the Chiba version of Soda Pop Miniatures mascot. She was a delight to paint and give me another chance to use some colours that I rarely use.

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Royalist Ensign

Here is the next one in the English Civil War series and its a Royalist Ensign in John Owen's Regiment of Foot. The chap is dressed in the finest of clothes as would be all officers and he would not be uniformed as the troops would be. Sir John Owen's Regiment fought at Naseby and Sir John Owen's Regiment of Foote were raised in North Wales, but with men from Cheshire and Shropshire in its ranks, due to Sir John's family connections. Since the regiment campaigned all over England subsequent casual recruits would have come in from as far a field as Cornwall and Northamptonshire. Here is the chap.

Ensign of Sir John Owen's Regiment of Foot
Campaign Dress

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Finished NMA Trooper

Here is the next in the series for the Naseby book for the Naseby Battlefield Project and this is a Parliamentary Cavalryman but fought under none other than Oliver Cromwell himself. The New Model Army's elite troops were its Regiments of Horse. They were armed and equipped in the style known at the time as harquebusiers, rather than as heavily armoured cuirassiers. They wore a back-and-front breastplate over a buff leather coat, which itself gave some protection against sword cuts, and normally a "lobster-tailed pot" helmet with a movable three-barred visor, and a bridle gauntlet on the left hand. The sleeves of the buff coats were often decorated with strips of braid, which may have been arranged in a regimental pattern. Leather "bucket-topped" riding boots gave some protection to the legs.

Regiments were organised into six troops, of one hundred troopers plus officers, non-commissioned officers and specialists (drummers, farriers etc.). Each troop had its own standard, 2 feet (61 cm) square. On the battlefield, a regiment was normally formed as two "divisions" of three troops, one commanded by the regiment's Colonel (or the Major, if the Colonel was not present), the other by the Lieutenant Colonel.

Their discipline was markedly superior to that of their Royalist counterparts. Cromwell specifically forbade his men to gallop after a fleeing enemy, but demanded they hold the battlefield. This meant that the New Model cavalry could charge, break an enemy force, regroup and charge again at another objective. On the other hand, when required to pursue, they did so relentlessly, not breaking ranks to loot abandoned enemy baggage as Royalist horse often did.

I have had great fun painting him and enjoyed painting the chap and the horse. There is actually two versions of this, with different coloured sashes and there is a bit of debate over which colour the sash should be, but it should be blue and not tawny. Now can anyone spot the different between these two pictures besides the sashes that is?

New Model Army Regiment of Horse

New Model Army Regiment of Horse

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I think I am Losing the Plot?

With the Parizan show in June, I have started on getting some battlefield fillers to tart up the table and causes the players some fun. I believe that Mr Smillie, who has designed the game this year, has come up with some interesting rules for these animals that are wondering around minding there our business. He has already done some sheep and a farmer too, see him at Painting Diary he is rather good, and I have added some cows into the mix and maybe more sheep. Now I dont know how many other gamers put livestock on the gaming table, let alone paint the things after spending hours researching what breeds where actually in Britian in the 1930s, I have looked at to many rare breed sites it scares me. But I have now finished a couple of testers to how they have turned out, which I thing are not too bad. Now I have another seven normal cows and three Auguses to do by June, along still 4 foot of hedges and a factory and a post office, oh does time fly.  The cattle are from Redoubt Enterprises and are nice little, okay large, scuplts. Well here they are.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Templates for Went the Day Well

I received today some templates for Went the Day Well rules for Very British Civil War from War Bases and I have to say that they are very good. Now there is nothing stopping you from making you own but when someone else has gone to the trouble of doing that for you I thought that it would be rude not to take advance of it. These are made from a smokey brown translucence acrylic and have the type of template printed or rather etched into them. They are quite thick, about 2mm and look like they could stand up to being thrown about during the coarse of a game. You get all six different types of templates used in the game, which is handle. They are also quite reasonably priced too and here are a couple of pictures of them.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Next Up NMA TRooper

Yes the next illustration for the Naseby Battle Project book and cards on the battle of Naseby, strange is that battle that I'm illustrating for, lol, is a New Model Army Cavalry trooper or Ironside as they were called. Basically it is one of cavalry troopers that Oliver Cromwell  led into battle on that day. I have to say that i am very leased with the composition and the horse and cant wait to get my hands on it to painted. Here is the chap on horse.

New Model Army Ironside

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Finished New Model Firelock

Here is the finished Firelock for the New Model Army and I have to say I am rather pleased with it. The establishment of the New Model also included at least two companies of "firelocks" or fusiliers, who wore "tawny coats" instead of red, commanded initially by Major John Desborough. They were used to guard the guns and ammunition wagons, as it was obviously undesirable to have matchlock-armed soldiers with lighted matches near the gunpowder barrels. Getting The Tawny colour right was a pain but I am happy with the result as it is a orangy brown colour and the colour I created has been looked at by an expert and they say I have got it spot on, with I am rather chuffed to know.

New Model Army Firelock
Campaign Dress

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Model Army Firelock

Here is the next illustration for the Naseby Battlefield Project and its a New Model Army Firelock. Actually a Firelock is the weapon that the chap is carried but they referred to the users of them as Firelocks too. There is some conjecturer, isnt there always, as too whether they had bandoliers or a belly bos with the rounds in so I have given him a band of bandoliers and also a Montero Cap. I rather like the pose and I am happy with the over all campaign look of him.

NMA Firelock
Campaign Fress

More Kobolds by Soda Pop

Here is the first of the Kobold Warriors you get in the box, there is a total of twenty two of the little blighters, but at least they are not all the same. This one is know as a Knucklehead and is one of the standard types in the game, Super Dungeon Explore. He was fun to paint and I have gone with the Kobold skin being blue, as in Dungeons and Dragons and not red as the artwork with this game. I personally think that blue looks far nicer, and easier to paint, than red. Here he is.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Dragon Priest for Super Dungeon Explore

I am slowly and I mean very slowly getting around to painting with miniatures or gaming pieces for Super Dungeon Explore game from Soda Pop Miniatures and Coll Mini or Not. The game is based on old computer, anime style dungeon bash and I have to say I love it and the minis. The actually pieces in the game are amazing and very well sculpted in a hard resin plastic and a joy to paint. First up is the Dungeon Priest which is a Kobold priest who worships dragons, more on this a little late in another post. He was fun to paint and there are two on the box so the other one is going to be painted with different coloured robes for no real realise other that it who look cool. So here he is.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Model Army Dragoon

Here is the next of the series of the Naseby Battlefield Project, please check them out either here at their website or here on their facebook page and if you can support them in any small way as they are trying to bring a visitors centre to the battlefield and beef up the profile of the battle. I am supporting them and have for a couple of years now as it seems to be the forgotten battlefield of England, even though it is one, if not the most, important battles of the War of the Three Kingdoms but also modern British History.

Anyway back the Dragoon, he is dressed as a typical NMA Dragoon with a felt hat, though in reality he would more than likely be wear a woolly Montero hat, but the image everyone has is that of a them wearing felt hats. He has the standard NMA equipment with the blue bandoliers and would be wearing a sword, but that would be on the other side which you cant see. The Musket is actually a Dragon which the Dragoons got there name which a shorter, only four foot barrel, matchlock. Here he is.

NMA Dragoon,
Campaign Dress

Sunday, 10 March 2013

When the Day Went are Now Out

Yes its that time when I plug the latest release from Solway and it is the second set of rules released for 1938, A Very British Civil War, but this time it is a platoon to company level game called Went the Day Well. Some of you chicks and dudes will remember that these where the games that we have been using at Partizan for the last couple of years  and they have been enjoyed by all. In fact there have also become the de facto rules yours but most of the VBCW players and now these rules have been tidied out, expanded a little and updated so everyone can enjoy them. Now I am rather bias as I have play tested and enjoyed these rules for the past couple of years and have seem them develop from a interesting set of rules into a good set of rules that has plenty of potential for other periods other that VBCW such as the Interwar years and Early Second World War and for other small scale combats. But as I am bias I well leave you me this quote

A set of wargames rules for small actions set in A Very British Civil war. After a long period of extensive play-testing Simon “Ook” Purdue has brought together here his rules for skirmishes and small battles set in this popular alternative history period. The rules cover the basics such as movement, firing and melee, plus additional rules for vehicles and special characteristics that ground them in the period
When the Day Well

Friday, 8 March 2013

A Couple of Carden Loyds

Here is the latest painted additions to the Humberstone Militia or The Duke of Rutland's Royalist forces, a couple of Carden Loyds from Reiver Castings which are a bargain at £10.00 each and they come with an armoured cover, which I have mislaid. These are great little models with nice crisp sculpts, but there is a little damage or mismoulding on  one of them, but nothing too much and liveable that's for sure. I have enjoyed painted these little buggers in the British Army camouflage pattern of the late 30s, early 40s, but finding the greens has been a pain and I have had to mix them to get the colours.

The Carden Loyd tankette came about from an idea started, as a private project, by the British military engineer and tank strategist Major Giffard LeQuesne Martel. He built a one-man tank in his garage from various parts and showed it to the War Office in the mid 1920s. With the publicization of the idea, other companies produced their own interpretations of the idea. One of these was Carden-Loyd Tractors Ltd, a firm founded by Sir John Carden and Vivian Loyd and later purchased by Vickers-Armstrongs. Besides one-man vehicles they also proposed two-man vehicles which turned out to be a more effective and popular idea. Vickers-Armstrongs manufactured and marketed vehicles of the latter type worldwide.

Considered a reconnaissance vehicle and a mobile machine gun position, the Mark VI was the final stage of development of the Carden- Loyd series of tankettes.

The Carden Loyd tankette was the prototype for the Universal Carrier.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Promo Posters of Very British Civil War

What you do think of these ideas for a standardised promotional poster or leaflet to be used of any shows where VBCW is playing. Both are meant to be used together but the main, first one, can be used on its own. What I am doing is getting a pack together for people to use at any of the shows. I am looking for some feedback on them, do you like them, does anything need to be changed, you they good to go as they say in my office? Please post your views and comments below.

The first Main Poster/Leaflet

The Second, Supplementary Poster/Leaflet

Sunday, 3 March 2013

New Model Army Musketeer

Here is the full painted and finished version of the New Model Army musketeer and I rather like it. I have as I said in the previous post have gone for that campaign dress look with the red or rather madder being faded due to wear and the weather and he wears a woolly hat which is called a Mommouth Cap, the most common form of headwear for musketeers and not the wide brimmed hats that would rather get in the way of a musketeer. He is wearing the blue bandoleers of the typical NMA and I have based him on a member of Hammond's Regiment of Foote, 4th Regiment of Foote in the NMA.

Hammond's Regiment of Foote,
4th Regiment NMA,
Campaign Dress

Friday, 1 March 2013

New Model Army

No is not the band or my new miniatures army but rather its the next on the English Civil War series for the Naseby Battlefield Project and it is a musketeer of the New Model Army. I have gone for a rather typical looking musketeer for the NMA with a woolly hat, uniform and matchlock musket. I have gone for the typical campaign look, so he might not appear as you think he should be I do like the pose and the look feel right.

New Model Army
Campaign Dress

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