Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Model Army Firelock

Here is the next illustration for the Naseby Battlefield Project and its a New Model Army Firelock. Actually a Firelock is the weapon that the chap is carried but they referred to the users of them as Firelocks too. There is some conjecturer, isnt there always, as too whether they had bandoliers or a belly bos with the rounds in so I have given him a band of bandoliers and also a Montero Cap. I rather like the pose and I am happy with the over all campaign look of him.

NMA Firelock
Campaign Fress


  1. Nice, PK. He looks like he either missed chow call, or he has to stand guard duty two shifts in a row...poor guy.

    1. I think its he wishes he had missed chow call and it now playing on him.


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