Monday, 29 April 2013

WIP The Duck Pond

Over on the Very British Civil Forum we are having a little fun project about doing a small vignette and I have decided to do something a little different, that being I am making a duck pond. Now tell me if you can think of anything more British than a village duck pond? Here are some work on process shots of it. The only problem I have at the moment is how to do the water, I am thinking of watered down PVA, but I am not totally sure on the mix of PVA to water.

Here is the start.

At this stage I have flocked and textiled the base.

Now I have finished the base and it fully painted. My next task before I fill the pond with "water" is to make a duckboard or jetty to project into the pond. So its off to find the balsa and matchsticks to create a small projection into the pond. I still have the grass and moss to add but I figured that I'll do that after I have added the "water" which is scaring the heck out of me in case it goes wrong. Anyway here is the latest stage.

More to come I think once I have worked out how to do the water, any ideas?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Duke of Rutland's Mobile Artillery

Here is the latest device for the Duke of Rutland to help crush the Socialists in the city of Leicester, a mobile artillery piece. Having received aid from Moseley's government for the attack at Houghton on the Hill, (the last Partizan game), the Duke purchased a 3' naval gun to mount on his yacht. But this gun was too big and cause the yacht to be unstable, so the Duke "acquired" a stream truck from the local brewery, Ruddles Brewery, and mounted the gun to this. Now the wagon is being mobilised to be used in the Assault of Leicester, (the nest Partizan game).

Saturday, 27 April 2013

A New Model Army Ensgin

Here is the next illustration on the series for the Battle of Naseby book by Charles Singleton for the Naseby Battlefield Project. For more information on the Naseby Battlefield Project please go to this Facebook Page and please like it as it will help with the support for the project to get a visitors centre there. Any this chap is an Ensign for the New Model Army Regiment of Hammond's Regiment of Foot. He is dressed in all his finery, his best civilian clothing, to mark his as a man of class and taste, as is fitting for someone of his status. For protection he is wearing a breastplate and is ready to defend himself and more importantly the colours with his sword.

Ensign from Hammond's Regiment of Foot

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Northern Horse

Here is the next one in the series for the Naseby Battlefield Project and it is the Royalist Northern Horse. The chaps are the core of the Royalist Cavalry and I have illustrated him as a harden veteran campaigner. He has a beast plate and a sleeveless buff coat and is wearing a Monmouth for comfort. His actual helmet is in the polish style is hanging over one of his pistols and he has some provisions which he has acquired, some bread and geese, hanging off the rear of his saddle. I have to say that I rather like his look and I think he has the feel of an old campaigner.

Royalist Northern Horse
Campaign Dress
I have just found out that some of these if not all of these illustrations will be appearing of card to buy from the Naseby Battlefield Trust.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

For You Victorians

I am been a very busy boy recently trying to get illustrations out for the Naseby book that is has left me with very little time for anything else. But I shouldn't moan as I am loving it. Anyway have you seen these from 4Ground yet? it looks like they are going to be releasing a Ripper Street Range in May with lovely red brick houses, a police station and a factory. These look blooming nice too.

From 4Ground's Newsletter

The first buildings of our new Whitechapel to Baker Street range come out in early May but we will have very limited numbers available on our stand at Salute 2013.

This new range also includes some rather big buildings! To start with we have a Warehouse, a Police station and Brick Terrace Houses.
All the buildings have a red brick exterior and are perfect for any Victorian game, or of course any post Victorian Urban environment.

My wallet is going to take such a pounding once these are released as they will fit nicely into my VBCW games.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Model Army Pikeman

Here is the next i the series for the Naseby battle book and he is a pencil drawing of a New Model Army Pikeman. This is the next phase in the illustrations where I am doing some drawings of various chaps with trying to be as historically accurate as various troops who fought in the battle and how they might of looked. This pike is one of the Parliamentarian pikemen where he has either ditched his armour or more likely was never issued armour, which was starting to become the norm. I have to say I am pleased with the pose nd look of the chap.

New Model Army Pikeman,
Campaign Dress

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Would you buy packs of Interwar/VBCW Female Militia figures if they were sculpted by Mr Paul Hicks?

There is a poll going on the Very British Civil Forum about "Would you buy packs of Interwar/VBCW Female Militia figures if they were sculpted by Mr Paul Hicks"

Gentlemen and Ladies

Bungle and Smillie are pondering a project at the moment and would welcome your most esteemed voting, and thoughts if you have them within this thread.

The question is if Mr Paul Hicks were to sculpt packs of ladies in interwar era dress armed with Rifles and the usual assortment of LMG/NCO Officer type figures would you buy them.

If you think you would genuinely buy the figures (not just think its a good idea) please vote as appropriate.

Link to poll is here

So please go over and vote of the poll if you are interested

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Finished New Model Army Ensign, Huzzar

Here is the finished NMA Ensign and I have to say that I am very happy with the result. He is wearing his finest sober clothing with metal bands around the sleeve, not totally sure how much protection they would offer and Breastplate. Those he is a bit flashy, I have gone for that Puritan style look but without being totally sober with it. The flag is for Fairfax's Regiment of Foot, who fought at Naseby and arguably actually won the day be standing firm and counter attack in the Royalist assault on the Parliamentarian line. Personally I think the flag sets the whole picture off.

New Model Army Ensign,
Thomas Fairfax's Regiment of Foot

Sunday, 7 April 2013

New Model Army Ensign

Here is the next one in the series for the Naseby Battle Project and its as the title says a New Model army Ensign. I have got for the sober look as fitting for these chaps, again in civilian clothing but a little more in the way of military attire as he has a breastplate on, good for protecting one's self. I am pleased with the pose and look of this one.

NMA Ensign

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Finished Royalist Ensign

Here is the finished Ensign for the Royalists and he is from Sir John Owen's Regiment of Foot. As I have said before the Ensign is not wearing an uniform for the regiment as the officers trended to wear their own clothing but he does has some nods to the regiment's colours, the coats being red and the chaps has red trim on his clothing. The flag is a red and white divided diagonally triangle pattern called a gryonny system or pattern and he is from the 2nd company. I have enjoyed doing this and another Ensign for the Parliamentarians is next up.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Royalist Ensgin, Work in Progress

Here is the latest stage the Royalist Ensign is at. As you can see the actually Ensign is finished but the flag is still waiting to be done. The actually Ensign is dress in his finest of civilian clothing as was the norm but then as Officers and an Ensign is a officer, would actually wear there normal clothing rather than a uniform as there troops did. Before I go any further the actual idea that ECW regiments had a uniform lie those in the later years is a wrong as most worn their day to day clothing or had just a coat or some other thing that identified them as being in the same regiment.  But it this stage in the war, regiments were getting more "uniformed" in dress but it was not uncommon for but the Royalists and Parliamentarians to be dressed in a similar way. As this is from one of the King's regiments that fought at Naseby, can you guess which regiment it will be?

Royalist Ensign
???? Regiment of Foot

Monday, 1 April 2013

Introducing Hesh's Hosiery Van

Back on the Very British Civil War vibe and what thing you do to keep the better half happy, may I introduce Hesh Hosiery. This has all started at the first Partizan game where my lovely wife saw that one of the chaps playing had a business for his wife, Mrs Ook's Bakery to be precise. Now I am saying that Mrs PK was jealous in any way, but I have had for the last year or so Mrs PK saying "I want you to business for me". So I did a corner shop/general stores for her but no she wanted more. Now living in Leicester and the city being a heart of the shoe and hosiery industry in Britain in the 1930s, it seemed fitting that I would go down this route. So I have painted up this Matchbox Models of Yesterdays van for her, adding signage along the side of the van but no that was still not enough so now I have a factory in the making for Hesh's Hosiery. I am hoping to have the finished by June in time for Partizan. Now am I the only chap or chapette that does crazy side projects to make their better half feel special, in a wargaming trends????

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