Friday, 19 April 2013

The Northern Horse

Here is the next one in the series for the Naseby Battlefield Project and it is the Royalist Northern Horse. The chaps are the core of the Royalist Cavalry and I have illustrated him as a harden veteran campaigner. He has a beast plate and a sleeveless buff coat and is wearing a Monmouth for comfort. His actual helmet is in the polish style is hanging over one of his pistols and he has some provisions which he has acquired, some bread and geese, hanging off the rear of his saddle. I have to say that I rather like his look and I think he has the feel of an old campaigner.

Royalist Northern Horse
Campaign Dress
I have just found out that some of these if not all of these illustrations will be appearing of card to buy from the Naseby Battlefield Trust.


  1. Excellent! He does look a mean ol' bugger!

  2. His upper body armor has served him well. Nice job, PK.

  3. he's been campaigning a while!

  4. Very nice PK and as Anne said the horse is really good!

  5. Fantastic PK! Great work on this chap!


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