Wednesday, 29 May 2013

OMG I Don't Believe It, 100,000 Visits, Yippee!

I have been a little, okay more than a little preoccupied with things and not been posting as much and this has totally passed me by without noticing it. I am happy to announce that I have broken the 100000 views and also have gained 150 followers. So firstly thank you for all of you who visit, comment or follow this blog, it amazes me how people put up with my rambling. Thank you everyone

Monday, 27 May 2013

More of the Dukes Alpine Club

I have finished and based some the Bavarians that i have been working on for Partizan and have finished the command group, the specialists and the support sections. I am rather pleased with the results so far and I think that i have got the Alpine look in terms of colours right. They are very nice figures from Tsuba Miniatures and a dream to paint. I still have eight riflemen to finish and hope to have them ready for Partizan. The flag is the Bavarian state flag and its from Flags of War and it is for the range.

I have also finished off this rather lovely figure from Gripping Beast. He was actually a Xmas present from the loving Mrs PK and he will be pressed into service in one of my militias. I think he was an Aussie and he was a special limited edition which is sadly no longer available but I like the sculpt and I have painted his up as a civvie and i love the fag hanging out of his mouth.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Partizan is Coming, Yippee

With Partizan coming up quickly, 2nd June in Newark, Mr Smillie of Dirty Paint Pots and myself have been working hard, okay putting things together, planning on making this game the best bloody game that we have put on. To this end we have do a poster come flyer explaining the game, the history of it and explaining that this is the fourth linked game the Attack on Leicester.

We have been thinking about the table which Mr Smillie has done as a vignette on his blog, and to make things a little more interesting than open fields, roads and houses we are adding some sheep and cattle of points of interest and have come up with the following rules to mix the game up.

I hope that do add to the fun for the players and make the table interesting and better than anything we have done before.

I have just found out that this friday my little blog is to be featured on House of Paincakes blog network in their Weekly Top X section when I will be happily discussing Very British Civil War to people. I was rather shocked to be given this honour and it shows that the world of VBCW must be making head way in America, lol, okay they like me blog.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Duke of Rutland's Alpine Club WIP

Here is the first four figures completed for the DoR's Alpine club. Now being a good member of the King's inner circle and all and a member of the BUF he has forged links with some Bavarians chappies to help with his cause in ridding the Socialists from Leicester and the East Midlands. The reason for these link is two fold, firstly extra help, weapons and expertise at someone elses expense and secondly as these chaps are catholics it helps in keeping Lord Quenby on his side and shows a willingness to support the Catholic coarse, politics hrmm.

These chaps or rather Burghers are Baron Von Flinkenstinchen and is personnel from Bavaria, which make up the command of the unit. Shortly these will be followed by the units specialists once I have decided how to paint them. I am hoping and aiming for them to be finished by Partizan on 2nd of June, but in truth I bet they won't be finished.

He is the Baron and the rest of the command.

Baron Von Flinkenstinchen

Sergeant Weisswurst, Veteran of the Great War and the German Civil War

Sergeant Steiner, the Baron's groundskeeper

Doctor Brezeln

Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Duck Pond

I have finished my Duck Pond for a Vignette project on the Very British Civil Forum take some of the chaps have been doing. Some of the vignettes are amazing and hopefully all will be finished shortly.Anyway back to my little vignette, it started as a small side project, a bit of light relief from all the illustrations I have been doing lately and also to add some interest to the Partizan board. I have to say I am rather pleased with the results as I have to confess that I am not a big terrain maker. Now I have done this and I am so pleased with the water effects I am seriously thinking in making so river sections now in the future. Back to the pond, I have actually finished the thing and once I added the vegetation, grass and the ducks, of course, can't be a Duck Pond without ducks, the whole thing pulled together and I am so chuffed with it. 

I would also like to give a shout out for a fellow blogger Wargaming Girl who has reached an amazing milestone of 100K hits/views and she is giving away five prizes over five days. There are some great prizes there so pop over to Wargaming Girl and join in the fun with Tamsin

Friday, 10 May 2013

More Terrain Goodies for Partizan

With the show coming up on me quickly, have I mentioned it is on Sunday 2nd June, Kelham Hall, Newark, no, are you sure. Well I have finished some other bits and bobs for the show on the terrain front. Now I am hoping this time we put on a great looking table and be worthy of the show and with the terrain that Mr Smillie over at Painting Diary and myself have been putting together I hope we do. Actually before this show my terrain really consisted of a few buildings and some walls, now I have terrain mats, enough to cover 12 foot by 6 foot, 12 foot of hedges, trees, smoke markers, more trees and a duck pond, plus buildings, a factory, cattle, sheep and some road blocks. I was shocked, well a little, to find just how much stuff I have recently made and I know that there is more on the way. So here is a few photos on them.

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