Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day

A message for the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester

Fellow Brothers
Today is May Day, a day of celebration of the Socialist cause but today we have found that the Duke of Rutland is mobilizing his forces once again and is planning an assault on the city directly. As the Fascist forces of the King are planning their assault shortly, it is looking likely to June 2nd, (Partizan), the socialist council is calling out to all brothers to come support and help with the defense of the city. So Brother are you prepared to let the city and its valuable industries fall into the hands of the Fascist government of the King? This would be a great loss for the socialist cause and means the King will have a strong and important foothold in the Midlands with the Social councils of Nottingham and Birmingham coming under threat.

So Brothers are you willing to lend your support to save the city?  
From the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester, member of the Midlands Socialist League. 
Remember to celebrate the People's Day Brothers.

Chaps just to let everyone know its Partizan soon, June 2nd, and once again Mr Smillie, myself and the good people of the Very British Civil Forum are once again putting on a game, The Assault of Leicester. So if you are interested in joining the fun or simply just coming to the show, please let me know.


  1. Good idea and great job. The International forever.

  2. Fantastic looking figures...and a very nice subject!

  3. Damn lovely figures...really nice painting Pete.

    Happy Wanderer

  4. Superb stuff, shall definitely be at this years Partizan after too many years away.

  5. Best of luck with the show, What a great way to advertise it!

  6. Look at all that scrummy tweed! - my goodness I am turning into my father!

  7. Hey, PK...old guys rule! Nice painting!

  8. To paraphrase an old Jewish saying:

    "Next year, Partizan."


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