Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Start of Another Cover for Solway

Here is another sketch for an upcoming book for Solway. Again I cannot say what it is about but I do hope you like it. Who do you think it is?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scouts, an idea and WIP

I think thinking how to make, have Scouts in my force and having received a set of Perry's 8th Army, thanks to the chap for giving them to me and I am sorry I forgot you name, I looked at them with the idea of a football/rugby team and then a bit of inspiration dawn on me, a very rare thing that it for me and wonder if these could be turned into scouts. My reasoning with the fact that they looked a little smaller that my Musketeer, Gripping Beast figures, so a had a butchers around looking for heads with scout hats on and it happened that Gripping Beast do heads in Lemon Squeezers hats in they Great War range and I thought head swaps. So I duly ordered some and here is the result of the first one. I was wondering if the head was a little too big, but I think it is not noticeable and actually I think that with the head swap they fit in rather nicely with the rest of my troops. The half painted figure is a Tsuba Miniature that is the same size of Musketeer and Mutton Chops, is for scale and size comparison. Who do you think is it a goer?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Blast from the Past, Present and Future.

Here is my first ever Blood Bowl team that I ever painted back when Ogres could still be fielded in Chaos teams. These were painted so a friend of mine would have a painted team for a competition we were entering and they were actually came second in the best painted category, mainly getting he votes for the colour scheme and the fact that they are all converted for Chaos Warriors and Chaos Beastmen plastics which at the time no-one else had done. I think the name was Niloc's Knoblers or something like that.

I love Blood Bowl, it was one of those games that you played and fell in love, that was it for me and I have played for the 1st edition right though to now and even play it on the PC too.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

New Book Cover for Solway

Here is the finished painted illustration for a forth coming book for Solway. Now i could say much about what iy is about but I do think the cover might give it away, lol. I have really enjoyed painting this and now I am looking for an Indian Elephant to put a Vickers .303 Machine Gun on and maybe another one with a mortar on, and some troops to go with it. Anyone got any ideas on were I can find a good elephant model? Anyway here is the picture.

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Duke of Rutland's Bavarian Allies

Here is the finished Bavarian Troops that are serving with the Duke of Rutland's Royalist forces in the East Midlands. The troops themselves come from the town of Lenggries in Bavarian at the foot of the Alpine foothills. Them came over with Baron Hörwarth, a cousin and close friend of the Duke and are mainly his staff, groundskeepers and workers from his Hofmark castle estates. They came over to help the Dukes at his request as their skills in field-craft and shooting could help strengthen and train his own troops. However they were required to help with the assault on the city of Leicester and took the attack to the Socialist forces there, where they shooting expertise shows and cause a number of casualties on the defender there before receiving artillery fire from their own side. The force on is back at Belvoir Castle in Rutland building back there strength and training the Duke's troops.

Baron Hörwarth Troops

Baron Hörwarth Command with his per dog Brauneck

 The Baron's Rifles

The Baron's Support

There are still a couple of things to add to this that being two chaps with SMGs and a Flamethrower, but these still have to be painted. The figures are from Tsuba Miniatures and are very nice indeed and I look forward to seeing this range expand. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A New Book Cover for VBCW

Well I am back on form again after a little lull and I have started a new cover for book from Si at Solway Craft and Miniatures. The brief for this was quite loose as are most of his briefs, horrid image as just popped into my head there, but this one is on the Fall of Empire, well its a revised version of the book already in print mainly for the foreign market. As you can see I have gone for what I think sums up the Empire in 1938 but having troops for the British Raj. The actual troops depicted are actually General Wynd-Gator's Joshua Force, making it way to blighty but that's another story.

Basically I have an Indian Elephant with a Vickers .303 Machine Gun mounted, manned by chaps of the 5th
Mahratta Light Infantry. The reason for this is because the Regiment was raised from men for Proona, India and living in Leicester a large percentage of the Asian population is from Gujarat. I have also gone for British troops in tropical dress too.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Saga and the Funk

Hiya chaps and chapettes, it been a time since I posted last and they have a number of reasons for this, some bad and some even worst, thats real life for you, well that's behind my and the way is forward.

Now I have been a little busy sorting out and painting to 4pt warbands for Saga. I have had the rules for ages and even got the supplements too and I got the last one it came with a rather lovely case to put the rules and battleboards in so I decided it was time to start painted up my figures for it. I have decided to go for my first two warbands using Gripping Beast's plastics, which are truly awesome,  for both the Vikings and the Anglo Danish. So far I have painted up a Warlord for both and the first of the Heathguard for both. I have to say I am looking forward to having the whole warband completed someday and maybe even playing a game or two with them :lol: . So here they are, the Warlords are in the middle of each group.

The Anglo-Danes

The Vikings

I have enjoyed painted and even assembling them and will be painted so more or I am going to even the smallest warbands ever.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Went the Day Well at Partizan

Well it is all finished and I have to say that I am at a bit of a loss on what to do as I have been living this game for the last six month, but to earth and the next project I guess, lol. But before that here is what happened.

After the recent successes for the Duke of Rutland and his Edwardite forces the day came for the attack on the city of Leicester and to drive the Socialists out of the area once and for all. It was a straightforward plan of attack the Duke had and that was an advance through the village of Evington and to capture the General Hospital which lies on the outskirts of the city itself. The Socialists had put up trench works in front of the city and out towards Evington and the surrounding area and put roadblocks on all the roads in preparation of the attack.

On the eve of the assault the Socialists instead of sitting in their trenches waiting for the Edwardites to come marching through decide that they would jump out of the trenches to the cries of the Internationale and the Red Flag and advanced to attack the Dukes forces. At the same time the Duke's forces advanced into the area to attack the Socialist positions around the Hospital.

The initial attack for the Duke's forces went well with the Laude Abbey Anglicans taking the full force of the Duke's attack. Some amazing shooting for the Duke's newly arrived Bavarian supporters cause great damage to the Anglican defences but the tide started to change. The Bavarians a victim of their own success and some rather inaccurate artillery fire from Dukes own guns caused the attack to peter out couples with a strong Socialist counter attack saw the Edwardites swept from the table and start they long retreat but to Belvoir Castle and Rutland. During the finial stages of the counter attack saw the Duke himself become victim to another one of the Edwardites  wayward artillery shells and was carried away from the field.

The city of Leicester is now safe in the hands of the Socialist Council with the Dukes forces mauled and retreating the gains of the pass few months having been lost back to the Socialists.

I has a great day and thanks to all the chaps from the Very British Civil Forum who played and especially to Mr Smillie for especially for putting on this great day. Roll on the next one.

Here are some pictures of the day and I hope you enjoy them.

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