Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Post Office, Crates and Tea Chests

With Partizan only a day away and I am totally excited I have been finished off bits and pieces for the game. Firstly I have built and painted a Post Office from my go to place for 1930s buildings War Bases. I love there MDF buildings as they are easy to put together, the service is wonderful and they are true scale 28mm which is ideal for 28mm skirmishing that I do. It is a half size terrace and fits in nicely to the other buildings they have in their range. It is easy to build and a dream to paint. I hope that they make a Police House soon, maybe if we all email them saying that we need a Police House they will do one. Anyway here are a couple of pictures of it.

Next up is a little less building like. I have finished some crates and tea chests ready for the Partizan game. The Tea Chests are from Anitsy Castings and the crates are for a ebay seller Tiny World Terrain. I have to say I am rather impressed by the crates and they pant up well and the Tea Chests are good as well.

Lastly, I also a got a Police Box from Anitsy Castings too as every settlement needs one and I have to say it is rather pleasing. It is a dream to pant, once you have worked out the colour but i think I will go back over the police signs with a printed one at a later date.

I am hoping for a great day tomorrow, plenty of fun and chats all round. So if you are coming to Partizan in Newark please come on over and say high. We are in the first main room from the entrance.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Home Made Roads

Now I started this project a few months back trying to make roads for Partizan and my games but I never got far as i was never very happy with the results. So I went back to basics and it the wargamers best shop friend, Wilkos and got 2 packs of their Wilko Floor Tiles Vinyl White 305mmx305mm 6 Pack, for £3.95 per pack. These tiles have a pattern on them thats looks like cobbles or tarmac.

Now tiles are self adhesive and the problem with them is the backing as it comes off rather easily. I tried mounting them back to back but I found the height of them a little too tall so i decided to mount them of simple paper and this worked a treat. I cut the roads to 7.5cm stripes which meant that you could get four straight sections from one tile. After mounting them I sprayed them with Army Painters Uniform Grey and them washed them with black paint, very watery paint.

After the wash has dried I lightly drybrushed them with grey again to bring out the details and then using Army Painters Brown Battlefield scatter and Grass Green scatter on the side of the roads to give the feel of a verge.

Here is some close up shots.

Now I have managed to make about 20 foot of roads using these two packs which uses I spend about a tenner in all making them. Now the important question is what do you think.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lovely Figures from a Decent Chap

Back from from a few days by the sea visiting family I thought it was time for a update. A few weeks ago Bjorn at Adalen Miniatures sent me throw some samples of his Interwar Swedish Infantry, which he is using for a game his and his friend are playing A Very Swedish Conflict. Firstly he is a very nice chap, which reminds me I need to email my thanks to him, sorry there, and he said that I didnt need to post anything but I think that these figures are very nice and I think worth bringing to your attention.

He kindly sent me two officers both with a Kepi style hat, one with a sabre draw and the other with a pistol. They are in the uniform the swedes worn between the war, there are guides to the uniforms on his website, and are in the all important 28mm scale. They are about the same size of Empress, Mutton Chop and Musketeer figures or a faction taller but should fit in rather well. The others I received were three Infantrymen each with a different headgear. There is one in a helmet, one in the Kepi hat and tricorne style hat, all of which are historical accurate including the tricorne. Now the detail on the figures are a little shallow, but thats is because I am used to Paul Hick's sculpt, and the sculpts while there are very good and the poses excellent, they fall just a little short of say sculpts by Paul Hicks, but so do many others out there. Saying that the detail on them is good and after I applied a wash coat to them it brought more out. Now I do judge how a figure looks by there faces and I do like them.

Now I have to admit I rather like them and I can see them being used as an alternative for various VBCW uniformed militias, in fat I am thinking of getting more of them for use for my Catholic forces for Lord Quenby. I think that they are well worth having a look at and Bjorn is having some support crews being sculpted too with will be good and something that I am looking forward too.

And its a few days to Partizan in Newark too.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

VBCW at Partizan September 1st and Hands Off Our Richard

Yes its that time on year again and the second Partizan is shortly upon us and the Very British Civil Forum is putting on another Very British Civil War again. Here is the premise for the game.

Hands Off Our Richard

In the sleepy village of Wymonham some visits stop for refreshments at the Red Lion public house before going on their way. While enjoying the local Everard Ale a local has a look in their unguarded trucks and see tea chests and packages and wonders what they are. Over the local public radio a news report states:

“During the middle of the night some vandals and thieves have stolen the statue of Richard III for the Castle Park in Leicester just leaving a small note stating “He is OUR!!!”. Can the general public be on the lookout for a large man shaped object that is perceived to be covered and wrapped. The statue was ……………………..”

So the chap had another look and found that they were the missing statue and went back to tell his wife. Then he went to the phone box and called the Leicester City Council on the number that was given in the news report and they asked him to stall the visitors and they will send some people to collect it from there. So the bloke went back the Red Loin and let the air out of the tyres to stall the visitors from leaving.

However the telephone operator who put the call through listened to the call and then called The Duke of Rutland about this and the Dukes raised some of his forces to collect the statue.

In the meantime the wife of the local contracted the Local Defence Force Commander and he busied himself collecting together the volunteers together to collect the statue for themselves.

All this time the visitors, who had “northern” accents carried on their refreshments and readied themselves to leave just as the LDV and the others arrived on the scene.


Now as some of you might know I live in the city of Leicester, actually on the outside of it in an urban village, and the latest ruling about where Richard III should be buried as gone to the High Court and the hearing is to be opened again and left to a panel of experts and privy councillors to decide. Now under Church of England law it should be the nearest consecrated land which happens to be Leicester Cathedral but the Richard of Third Society, who part funded the dig and the relatives of Richard III, who has been dead since 1485 and had no issue, want him to be buried at York. Now as someone who was not born in Leicester, I was actually born in Bedford, you would think what the heck, but this was discussed in Parliament before the bones were confirmed as Richard III and it is only since they have been confirmed that this stupid argument has happened. So this game is my little dig at the Richard III Society and the relatives with the statue being taken and the various sides fighting over him. Personally I think that Richard III should be buried in Leicester as that is where he has laid for over 500 years.    

Also this is the game but a little smaller that I am hoping to take to Blog Con in November

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Winter of Discontent

I have finished the cover for the Winter of Discontent book for Si at Solway and I have to say I am rather pleased with it and even if I say so myself I think it is one of the best illustrations that I have done. The illustration shows that three different types of combatants in the war after a year of fighting, where supplies, ammo and other essentials like clothing, food, etc are starting to take its toll and what little supplies and goods making it way to the front rather that the home front. So I have tried to capture this with having the three different types of soldiers that were most common in the war depicted.

From right to left we have a regular soldier from the Leicestershire "Tigers" Regiment, is wearing service dress and a leather jerkin for warmth. His uniform has seen better days and besides the 08 Pattern webbing he has a overcoat rolled up in the backpack and a bag to capture supplies that he has found. Also he has a PH bags, that used to hold a gas mask, now being used as a bag that carried his personal effects and ideas as well as food and other sundries. He has is Leicester City Football Club scarf, home knitted and a red band to identify him as a member of the Socialist forces of Leicester.

Next is a member of the Peoples Assault Column with there Socialist green uniform and again the leather jerkin for warmth and protection. Again the chap is equipped as the soldier but has bandoliers instead of carriage carriers. His uniform again has seen better days and is patched up with a bit of blue gingham table cloth. He has a red armband and a red band around his helmet showing to be a member of the Socialist forces  and has a Leicester City Football Club scarf on being wrapped around his head.

Lastly is a local volunteer militiamen who is fighting in his day to day working suit and again a leather jerkin for warmth and protection. He has 08 Pattern webbing on but would have less rounds than the two previous chaps. This chap is more than likely from one of the Union militias, from the skilled shoeworkers, with a good quality suit but even that has been patched up and mended. He has the flat cloth chap of the working man and is wearing a Leicester "Tigers" Rugby Club Scarf.

I hope that you like these chaps.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Blog Pimping and Bolt Action

Firstly to the blog pimping for Mike's 50th Birthday Bash at Trouble At T'Mill. Now Mike is having a great give away prize and is well worth looking at.

Secondly I have been looking at the Bolt Action rules to play VBCW with over the last few weeks and decided to take the plunge and get a set off Amazon for £16.00. Now I have to say this is no review of the game, I will leave that to others to do that, but I rather like the activation of troops and the general feel of the game. Now I know that they are better, more realistic rules out there but for me  who really plays lite-skirmish level games this is right on my street. Couple with the fact that a chap on the Very British Civil Forum, Pappa Midnight, has done a really useful VBCW supplement for it, Link Here, has made it all the better. Now that does not mean that I have given up of Went the Day Well or Brigadier 38 but rather another set of rules to game with.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The continuing Work in Progress

Here is the latest stage of the cover for the Winter of Discontent and I have to say it is proving to be one of my favourite pieces to date. As you can see it is coming along, slowly but I am hoping in having it finished tomorrow evening. Hopefully all is coming clearer about where the chaps are from, the clue is in the scarves and the Socialist elements have now been added. So basically we have a chap from the army, a member of the People's Assault Column and  a skilled worker. More on this once I have finished the piece.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Work in Progress for A Winter of Discontent

I have bit a little off the radar for the last couple of days mainly as there have been changes afoot where I work will affect me, but all have been resolved now and I am moving to another new team, which now makes seven different managers and teams in as many years. Its a bit of a pain but I still doing the same stuff but with different people.It does make me look like a problem worker those, lol.

Anyway enough of me, like anyone wants to hear about that, I have actually painted some figures and assembled a few more this week, more on them in a later post, and have actually started painting my Winter of Discontent cover for Solway. I have based it on a couple of  things which I will example or might come clearer in the next couple of days. at the moment I have blocked in most of the major parts of the "uniforms" and well be working on the rest today.

Anyway have a nice day chaps and chapesses.
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