Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lovely Figures from a Decent Chap

Back from from a few days by the sea visiting family I thought it was time for a update. A few weeks ago Bjorn at Adalen Miniatures sent me throw some samples of his Interwar Swedish Infantry, which he is using for a game his and his friend are playing A Very Swedish Conflict. Firstly he is a very nice chap, which reminds me I need to email my thanks to him, sorry there, and he said that I didnt need to post anything but I think that these figures are very nice and I think worth bringing to your attention.

He kindly sent me two officers both with a Kepi style hat, one with a sabre draw and the other with a pistol. They are in the uniform the swedes worn between the war, there are guides to the uniforms on his website, and are in the all important 28mm scale. They are about the same size of Empress, Mutton Chop and Musketeer figures or a faction taller but should fit in rather well. The others I received were three Infantrymen each with a different headgear. There is one in a helmet, one in the Kepi hat and tricorne style hat, all of which are historical accurate including the tricorne. Now the detail on the figures are a little shallow, but thats is because I am used to Paul Hick's sculpt, and the sculpts while there are very good and the poses excellent, they fall just a little short of say sculpts by Paul Hicks, but so do many others out there. Saying that the detail on them is good and after I applied a wash coat to them it brought more out. Now I do judge how a figure looks by there faces and I do like them.

Now I have to admit I rather like them and I can see them being used as an alternative for various VBCW uniformed militias, in fat I am thinking of getting more of them for use for my Catholic forces for Lord Quenby. I think that they are well worth having a look at and Bjorn is having some support crews being sculpted too with will be good and something that I am looking forward too.

And its a few days to Partizan in Newark too.


  1. They are nice. It is a shame we don't have time or space or money to do everything we want to. Or these would be a must. Which reminds me I must check the lottery!

  2. That is such a nice gift PK. The best thing about gamers is that they are a caring and kind bunch.

  3. Very Informative and honest review, I must resist, I must, I must.

  4. These do look good, you know you need to get some paint on those guys ;-)

    May be at Partizan


  5. Greate post !

    Please don´t resist Andrew:) Björn need all support and buyers he can get for the making of more minis for the range, and after all dosen´t every wargamer need a platoon of Swedish interwar minis at least I do;)

    Best regards Michael

  6. What an incredibly generous gift, can't wait to see what you do with them Pete.

  7. Nice gift and nice figures.

  8. Very nice figures.

    Oh Partizan, why are you taunting me. I'm in Newark with work the next day... so close, yet so far!

  9. Very nice and very unusual figures, well done Bjorn!


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