Sunday, 18 August 2013

VBCW at Partizan September 1st and Hands Off Our Richard

Yes its that time on year again and the second Partizan is shortly upon us and the Very British Civil Forum is putting on another Very British Civil War again. Here is the premise for the game.

Hands Off Our Richard

In the sleepy village of Wymonham some visits stop for refreshments at the Red Lion public house before going on their way. While enjoying the local Everard Ale a local has a look in their unguarded trucks and see tea chests and packages and wonders what they are. Over the local public radio a news report states:

“During the middle of the night some vandals and thieves have stolen the statue of Richard III for the Castle Park in Leicester just leaving a small note stating “He is OUR!!!”. Can the general public be on the lookout for a large man shaped object that is perceived to be covered and wrapped. The statue was ……………………..”

So the chap had another look and found that they were the missing statue and went back to tell his wife. Then he went to the phone box and called the Leicester City Council on the number that was given in the news report and they asked him to stall the visitors and they will send some people to collect it from there. So the bloke went back the Red Loin and let the air out of the tyres to stall the visitors from leaving.

However the telephone operator who put the call through listened to the call and then called The Duke of Rutland about this and the Dukes raised some of his forces to collect the statue.

In the meantime the wife of the local contracted the Local Defence Force Commander and he busied himself collecting together the volunteers together to collect the statue for themselves.

All this time the visitors, who had “northern” accents carried on their refreshments and readied themselves to leave just as the LDV and the others arrived on the scene.


Now as some of you might know I live in the city of Leicester, actually on the outside of it in an urban village, and the latest ruling about where Richard III should be buried as gone to the High Court and the hearing is to be opened again and left to a panel of experts and privy councillors to decide. Now under Church of England law it should be the nearest consecrated land which happens to be Leicester Cathedral but the Richard of Third Society, who part funded the dig and the relatives of Richard III, who has been dead since 1485 and had no issue, want him to be buried at York. Now as someone who was not born in Leicester, I was actually born in Bedford, you would think what the heck, but this was discussed in Parliament before the bones were confirmed as Richard III and it is only since they have been confirmed that this stupid argument has happened. So this game is my little dig at the Richard III Society and the relatives with the statue being taken and the various sides fighting over him. Personally I think that Richard III should be buried in Leicester as that is where he has laid for over 500 years.    

Also this is the game but a little smaller that I am hoping to take to Blog Con in November


  1. Fab, I'm doing all my shopping at Border Reiver the day before Partizan II so I'll be free with my camera taking pics of all the juicy games on display, which will of course include yours :O)


  2. A topical scenario. I love the setting and the premise of the scenario. I am a little surprised that you did not call the pub the "Kings Arms" but perhaps that would be hammering the point home a little too much. Very Nice Pete. If I can make the bloggers meet I would love to play this game.

  3. OOhh I have a bit more reason to get to Partizan now, just need to somehow find the time :-)


  4. Looking forward to it at Blog Con!

  5. Sounds like a fun game will be had

  6. Oh this is very cheeky of you. I love it!

  7. Have fun! Nice looking map, PK.

  8. What a fabulously original, yet topical idea for a game; well done that man.


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