Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Fine Day Out in Derby World

It was the start time that i have been to the Derby show, which is quite surprising as it is really the nearest show to me. Well finding it was a little be of a pain as I know it was at Donington Park but actually where about was a different matter but we got there and gosh it is a rather large place. The layout was quite simple with all the stores at one end of a huge hall and all the games down the other so we set about having a look around and the first thing we came across was the Warlord Games' stand and they had there new Pegasus Bridge on display and I have to say it was rather nice and a great display piece but I have no real use for it as I personally don't do late Second War World but it was still very nice and here is a small taster of it.

Next on the tour of the place was an amazing looking game that for some reason Mrs PK fell in love with. It was a demo game of West Wind Production's Empire of the Dead game. Now more on this later but it was a Jack the Ripper hunt through the streets of Old London Town, well the Whitechapel area and it looked really good. The chaps who where putting on the demo had just run one but said to come back and they will happily put another demo on. Here is a couple of pictures of the gaming board and it was amazing but I will come back to this shortly.

So we walked around the place and had a good chat with Mark and Neil from Under The Bed Enterprises as Mrs PK wanted a knitted Cthulhu and myself a Vickers Medium MkII Tank, which I got a bit knocked off which was very nice of them. However the knitted Cthulhu's were out of stock, something about the dear old lady that creates them in the basement of there shop is not being to keep on with demand and poor Mrs PK had to go without another one, which she was actually a little upset by and I can understand why as they are rather cute.

Nest stop after wondering around for a bit was to War Bases and I meet up with a very nice blogger, Loki. I had a great chat with him and he is a very nice fella but strangely not a plated beard or hair in sight but the battleaxe might of been behind the counter, lol. No a great chap and he has persuaded me to help out with a new logo for Bloggers for Charity which I am more than happy to do for him and the cause. I also got some casualty markers from War Base to use as pin markers for Bolt Action and any other game I care to think of.

After the good chat i carry on my tour of the show where there are some very interesting stores and display games and some very competition games too. had a quick chat with Tamsin from Wargaming Girl who was in the middle of a Field of Glory game and it was very nice to meet her. I carried on with the tour and sadly didn't meet up any other bloggers that where about, but there is always the next show and time, like Blogcon maybe. Here are a few pictures of the show that I took on my wonderings.

So back to the Empire of the Dead demo Mrs PK dragged us. Now before I go any further I should say that Mrs PK is not a gamer at all but for some reason, well because it had Jack the Ripper in and she is more than a little obsessive about him was in the game she actually wanted to play the demo. So when we got there a game was about to start and Mrs PK got to play Jack. It started well for she as she or rather Jack managed to kill and harvest his.her first victim and dragged the body away, something she was rather pleased with. Meanwhile Holmes and Watson played by a father and son team went on there merry way to stop him/her. So Mrs PK sorry Jack went off to find his/her next victim and found her but she gave a good account for herself fighting off Jack/Mrs PK until Holmes and Watson caught up with him and that was the end. Mrs PK really enjoyed the game so must so that she went off and brought a Jack the Ripper figure and killed victims for me to painted up and for her to play at Salute, yes my darling, serial killer wife wants to go to the biggest Geek, Wargame event in the UK next year. I have to say a big thanks to Neil and Steve for putting on the game, which can be downloaded from West Wind Productions website. The lovely thing about the gaming board was that all the buildings where actually scratch built by Neil and Steve and looked awesome, so much so that I am wanting to try and build some myself. Here are a few more pictures of the game.

Mrs PK planning to kill her first victim
Mrs Pk after being caught.
I have to say that it was a very enjoyable day, even with the noise of motorbikes and airplanes scream about and I will be there next year and even plan to put on a VBCW game. I was pleasantly surprised to seen a number of people selling VBCW books, which is good and even more pleased to hear that Went the Day Well has sold out, so a second edition needs to be done. Just one last shout has to go to Black Pyramind Gaming a couple of nice chaps who do a lovely range of VSF/Steampunk figure in a wonderfully named The Tea Wars. They do a lot of different heads in there range some of which will be ideal for VBCW and they are even got a VBCW range in the pipeline, so life in the old dog yet.

Friday, 27 September 2013

South Leicestershire Miners for VBCW

Here are the chaps of the Snibston Colliery Miners Militia ready for action. These fellas of the South Leicestershire Colliery Company are at the ready to help with the defence of the Leicestershire Socialist League and the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester. Armed with the ubiquitous SMLE Mk11 rifle and support from in the form of a Lewis, supplied by the Socialist Council, there main role is the defense of the collieries. The figures are from Ironclad Miniatures VBCW range Miners and are rather nicely sculpted with all of character especially with the faces. The only down side is the weapons especially the Lewis Gun which is a little strange, but all in all not a bad group and a nice addition to any Socialist forces. Well here they are.

I am off to Derby tomorrow for the Derby Wargames Show so if anyone is going please please shout at me, I be wearing my wargamers outfit of grey hair, glasses and overweight so I should stand out. Actually I will be sporting a badge with PanzerKaput on and a T-Shirt with the words Nuts on.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Tigers get some Heavy Support

Now I love this weapon when I first saw it on Mutton Chop's website and actually got it straight away. Now that was over a year ago and with me getting some regulars I thought it was time to paint it up and add it yo my force. Unlike my regulars who are wearing battledress these chaps are actually in service dress but thats fine as the British Army was changing over at the time from SDs to BDs and I rather like SDs anyway. So here is the finished 20mm Oerlikon Cannon with crew.

Here is what it looked like back in the day

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Here Comes the Leicestershires, Up the Tigers!

Having painted all manner of militias and irregulars over the past few years I thought it was time that I actually buy and paint for regulars of the Leicestershire Regiment. So to this end I got me a section of BEF Infantry and a Command pack for Warolrd to see what they were like and to fill in the missing gap in my forces. Firstly having looked on Warlords website I ave to say I was not totally impressed with their BEF Infantry for some reason, it was something to do with the way they looked, but at Partizan I got to see them in the flesh and I have to say They looked rather nice. Now they come with separate heads and in the pack you get a full 10 section. I now that at the start of the war the British section was not ten men, in fact it was either eight men or eleven men, but still it is a good number to be going with. Once the heads where added to the figures the models really came to life and I have to say they are sculpted with the best SMLE MkIII I have seen on any model. They are rather nicely sculpted with a good variety of poses that look rather natural and the uniform and webbing looks rather spot on. Here are a couple of photos of my chaps painted up.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Yet More Bloody Flags

Yes indeed I am alive and well just been a wee bit tried up well things on the home front but it has meant that I have been able to get down to some painting for the first time in what seems a day and a age. But before I show off the newly painted figures I have done, they will be up tomorrow, I have completed off two standard bearers for my VBCW forces.

The first one is for my Scouts from Humberstone Leicester and I think it looks jolly effective. Now this means that my Scout Troop of Humberstone is fully ready to go into battle to attack the Duke of Rutland's forces and gain honour and proficiency badges while fighting him. Mind you equally they could actually be on the Duke's side and be fighting the Socialists of the City of Leicester so who knows.

The second one is for the Leicestershire Post Office Volunteers and I have had these fully painted for the longest time just never got around to finishing the flag. These figures are from Mutton Chop Miniatures, Paul Hick's own little company and are being sold through Empress Miniatures. These chaps are based on a well know children's television programme from the 70s and are the Boys from the Fort. Very nice figures and again I can not wait to get these field and in the fight.

And to this end I have arranged with another chap from Leicester to play some games of VBCW at a local games shop named wonderfully Gifts for Geeks. I will try and get this to be quite regular, maybe once or twice a month and will be going for a native, linked campaign in and around Leicestershire though at the moment I am not sure where.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Flags for my Scouts

I have got to the point where I have a number of different ideas for the Scouts flag and I am not sure which one to choose. But I think I have it down to these two. Now the question is which one will it be as both are based of real scout flags, I have added the symbols in the corners for Leicester. The other idea I have for them is to have both flags and change them about, one for the county and one for the city, what do you think.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Humberstone Scouts and Flags

I have actually finished the Scouts after they have been sitting on my desk for seems like an age, well at least four weeks. I am happy with the result but think that they could look nicer, but at least they are finished bar adding a standard to them. The Scout leader is the chap with the jumper on and I think the overall look is rather nice. The Perry's 8th Army figures are rather nice, these being the first Perry's I have actually painted but you do need to work with them for create something that you would be happy with. So here they are.

I have also designed a flag for the boys based on an actual 1930s Scout flag with some details added to it for sort of personalise it a bit. Now I am not totally sure about the background colour but I think that it is green so I went with it. Here it is.

I have also finished the General Post Office flag for my GPO troops that I finished ages ago but never got around to doing the flag. Based on the GPO signs of the time the green background is what the vans where coloured and I believe was the colour of the GPO before it went red in the 60s.

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