Friday, 27 September 2013

South Leicestershire Miners for VBCW

Here are the chaps of the Snibston Colliery Miners Militia ready for action. These fellas of the South Leicestershire Colliery Company are at the ready to help with the defence of the Leicestershire Socialist League and the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester. Armed with the ubiquitous SMLE Mk11 rifle and support from in the form of a Lewis, supplied by the Socialist Council, there main role is the defense of the collieries. The figures are from Ironclad Miniatures VBCW range Miners and are rather nicely sculpted with all of character especially with the faces. The only down side is the weapons especially the Lewis Gun which is a little strange, but all in all not a bad group and a nice addition to any Socialist forces. Well here they are.

I am off to Derby tomorrow for the Derby Wargames Show so if anyone is going please please shout at me, I be wearing my wargamers outfit of grey hair, glasses and overweight so I should stand out. Actually I will be sporting a badge with PanzerKaput on and a T-Shirt with the words Nuts on.


  1. These miners are searching for trouble!

    Have a wonderful time at the show, PK!

  2. They look the bizz, have a good time at Derby leave it in one piece for me on Sunday

  3. Another characterful unit, PK!

    Have you considered a siege scenario where the miners undermine a BUF stronghold or some such? That could be just the job for the SCMM!

  4. Nice figures. It is for sure one of the best aspects of VBCW that you have the freedom to create units of such character.

    Have a good time at Derby. Does this mean we shall get a show report as well. I thought so. Not a man to let us down I told them, that Peter is a good sort I said!

  5. Greate work !

    Nice to see some more miners;)

    Best regards Michael

  6. Great work with these miners, really impressive!


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