Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Little Late in the Day Zomtober Entry

I have also decided to join the fun of Zomtober, thank you Clint and Michael for showing me the error of my ways, and here is the first of my entries. It is a Wargames Factories Zombie, before they got better and full of character. I actually like the set but they are hard to paint up to make them look any good as the detail of them is so shallow, but saying that they are nice once done and you can make a number of different individual ones so it is not all bad.

I've have gone for the casual man about town look with the zombie in his fashionable checked shirt and straight trousers who was out of a day showing with the wife and then someone bite him and before you knew it, the wife was lunch and every since he has been looking for a new wife or his next meal. This has been fun and I cannot wait to the next zombie.


  1. Got it in under the wire! Well done PK!

  2. Still on time its not midnight yet. Nice job he looks great love the shirt!

  3. One of the best wargames Factory figures I have seen painted. Thanks for the mention and welcome to Zombtober.

  4. Very nice !

    So one have to paint some Zombies in Zombtober...

    Best regards Michael

  5. I have heard similar criticisms of the first plastic set, but you managed to squeeze every ounce of detail out of him. Great to have you on board.

  6. I think you have transcended the limitations of those WF sculpts, so very well done on that! :)

  7. He has bags of character, seems someone did not know the rules, "aim for the head" at least he was walking away from the guy when he shot him

    Great finish on him



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