Saturday, 19 October 2013

Something New A Starting

Over the last few days I have lost my main PC, at the moment I am using my laptop, which is a bit of a pain but I have hooked a keyboard, mouse and monitor to it. Its a bit of a pain as my main PC, which is in the repair shop, has most of my artwork on and the programs that I use but hopefully will only be a week and fingers crossed the blooming thing will be working.

Anyway here is another portrait style picture that also is for a rather decent chap and hopefully a bit of a surprise. Again I cannot tell you what this is or for as yet but I am hoping that you are liking this.


  1. Nice one Pete. Not good about the lack of PC at the moment, but I am confident that you will overcome this minor setback.

  2. Hi Pete !
    Vikings Era is one of my favourite period, so, of course I like this new illustration !

  3. Sorry to hear about the PC Pete, I know the problems this can cause as I lost a shed load of work on one that fried itself and could not be saved. I hope it all works out for you.
    This is one very good looking Viking and as you know a particular favourite period of mine.

  4. Excellent work, Pk. Being out of your usual illustrating environment and drawing this picture, tells me you are comfortable with your drawing pencils in any genre you please. Keep 'em coming!

  5. Hope the PCis back soon, did not stop you doing some fine work though.

    For your art may I suggest a portable hard drive, not to just store your work on, but more so for backing it up so you have at least second copies


  6. Can't go wrong with Vikings!!! Very very nice PK!

  7. Vicious Vikings! I look forward to this one coming to life over the next few days.


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