Sunday, 27 October 2013

Zomtober Week 4

Well its the fourth and final week of Zomtober and I have surprised myself with not only panting a Zomtober Survivor but also finishing off the two Zombies that I had set aside to paint in week three and this week until the Survivor bug got me. I total blame the Survivor bug on Walking Dead, which I have to say this new series is great.

Back to what I have painted, firstly the Zombie Survivor. This little girl, whom I will call Alice, is from Hasslefree and is a wonderful figure and a dream to paint. I have to say that i doenjoy their figures and I think Kev White is one of the best sculptor around even better, dare I say than Paul Hicks and you all know much I love his sculpts. I have gone for that innocent high class school girl look with a .45 pistil and carebear. As I have said already it was a dream to paint, actually it sort of painted itself and I am rather pleased with the results.

Next up and after painting Alice I went back to finish the two other zombies from Wargames Factory that I had made up for Zomtober. Firstly was the doctor with his white operating coat and pin strip trousers. After painting Alice this was rather easy and any sort of painted itself. Strange that as I have had a right pain in the arse with the other zombies from them but maybe it was because I sort of knew what I wanted with him.

The other zed was the doctor best friend before the illness took hold, the golfer. Again this was a lot easier to paint and I think it was because I strange, even sadly, had given him a story so I knew what I was going to do.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed Zomtober and painting these Zeds and Zed Survivors, especially the survivors, now I am a little lost as to what to paint next. But here are all the figures that I have managed to paint for this and also introducing the latest dead boy band "Zed 666".

Zed 666

The Survivors


  1. Excellent work!

    Strangely enough, "Alice" is the figure I'm just about finished painting (only a couple of details left to do). I had no end of problems getting the arms to stay on - small contact area for the glue to bond - so ended up pinning them which was rather fiddly.

  2. Splendid painting PK

    Best regards Michael

  3. Excellent stuff, and nice to see your collected Zomtober output. :)

  4. I look at how you have painted the Wargames Factory plastics and think I should re-paint mine now as they look shabby by comparison. Very nice work on all the figures.

  5. Well done Pete, that Alice is top drawer.

  6. Awesome figures and fantastic paintwork PK!!

  7. Love Alice, PK. She looks to be determined and a good shot. Burn 'em, shoot 'em, and frag 'em, and don't take any naps.

  8. Great stuff Alice is the only HF kid I don't have yet I will have to correct that! Her skirt and the stripes on the zeds trousers adds plenty of character to them all. Nice work mate!

  9. That's some nice painting again and your story somehow brings 'em (back) to life.

  10. Great work I do love Hasslefree figures they have such a great range
    Peace James


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