Saturday, 30 November 2013

An Irish Soldier in the ECW, A WIP

Here is the latest stage the Irish soldier is at, with the typical uniform for them at the time. I have to say that it is great fun painting him and I feel like this is a reconstruction rather that an illustration as the amount of research I have done on getting the grey in the jacket right and the off white in the trews. Actually the jacket has a bit more brown in it have this scan and the trews area little lighter. Anyway as I have said before here is the latest stage and more will be coming in the next few days.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Development of an Illustration, or Why Cant I Get it Right First Time

I am back on the illustration trail again doing some work on a new book on the English Civil War in Ireland and Scotland, I think, and I have started strangely will the cover of the book first. So this post is about the design process, who am I kidding about design process, and the decisions that i make when creating an illustration, gosh I hope that I dont bore you all too mush and I promise that I will get back to painting miniatures shortly.

When I received an commission for work I usually get a petty loose brief, like in this case "I need an Irish Musketeer at the three quarter view in traditional Irish soldiers clothings. Now I am lucky as I know a bit about what the Irish soldier wore during the Confederation Wars and the English Civil War, so I could draw on my experience and knowledge there but I was also given some photos on new research and finds and these were to be included in the illustration. Now bare in mind that this is the sketch for the cover and it is going to be coloured over the weekend.

So I  first get the pose that I am happy with and basically draw the clothing on it, this chap has an Elizabethan style short jacket that has been recovered from a bog in Ireland recently, Irish trews or narrow trousers and a hat strange looking sack hat that is based upon Montero, a common hat worn by soldiers of the time. A Montero was a round peaked cap made of segments of woollen cloth with a skirt running around the edge that could either fold down for protection in bad weather or up for a stylish peak. So this was my first illustration of the soldier.

Now the pose and hat were correct but I needed to make a couple of small changes to it, manly that the trews were too baggy, loose the turnbacks and made the gun more like a matchlock. So I make the changes and here are the results.

Now you can see, I hope the different between the first and second drawings but that the knapsack needed to be moved to the back and I corrected this and heres the result on that.

So I moved the knapsack so that it is just showing over the right shoulder and moved the sword too and made the matchlock look like well a matchlock. Now I have to admit I think the last drawing is a better competition than the first one and the little changes that i have made, like rolling the top of the sleeve reducing the number of bandoliers, etc, have made it a better illustration in my opinion and the opinion of the person that I am doing this for.

I actually cannot wait to get some colour on his and bring him to life. I hope I havent bored you too much with this but I think it was rather an interesting project for me and I thought I would share it.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Victorian Vibe Continues, okay Its Deadwood and One Man and Brushes Give Away

Some years ago I got into the Legends of the west and build some houses for it but then I moved to Leicester and away from my old wargames club in Milton Keynes and the buildings sat in my study for the past five years collecting dust and waiting for me to paint them. Now after BlogCon and playing Dave Doc wonderful game Blazing Dice and Empire of the Dead has got me thinking well I really should finish those buildings. Now these building as actually all scratch built by me and where the first building I every really did and I was quite pleased with them. Now that they have a lick of paint on one of them it actually looks pretty good and I just need to put the sign on it and it is total finished. So here is my first western building.

And talking of Dave Doc he is having a great give away for reaching 100,00 views so please go over to his blog One Man and His Brushes and join in the fun.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Victoriana Carries On

Yes indeed the Victoriana fever that has stuck Château PK lately does not seem to stop and another figure is finished. Again after raiding my cowboy box, and I know that sounds so wrong, I found again wonder Artizan Design figure and this time he has a big gun. I guess he is some kind of hunter but I thought what a great sniper/hunter for a Gentleman Club or even for the Wuflen Jaeger for Empire of the Dead. I could even use him for a cowboy game I guess too. He was a dream to paint and I rather like the sculpt. Now what will be next?

Here is the latest on the Mov for Movember and I have to say I think I should stop watching Deadwood. Besides it making me look and feel a hundred years older than what I am, it has that Deadwood look.

Until next time

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Battle Of Carington Coppice, the Leicestershire Campaign Continues

Yes there has been more fighting in Leicestershire and here is the latest report.

Following the capture and defeat of the Duke of Rutlands forces at Ashby Folville by the Socialist Council of the City of Leicester, SCCL, the plan was to advance up the road to Carington Coppice to capture the important crossroads there where the SCCL forces could threaten all the Duke's assets and forces in the area. With this is mind the SCCL entrusted 2nd Lt Stan Cunningham, Leics Regt, to advance in a threatening manner to take and hold the vital crossroads and surrounding area.

However the Duke's forces played a blinder and totally out manoeuvred the LCCL forces as they got the to Coppice and crossroads by coming up behind them forcing the LCCL to take defensive positions at the crossroads and defend it from the Dukes forces. Now the lay of the land was a strong defensive position but the Dukes troops had good cover from the farm field and the crops in them. The Duke sent up his Armoured Cars up the road to cover and support the troops in the Walkers Crisp Van, and fanned out his other troops across the farm fields. The LCCL spread across the hedges and Coppice and placed they Armoured Car at the crossroad to reply any attacks and had the Post Office Rocket Rocket Battery place on the right flank to protect against any attacks from there.

The Dukes Armoured Cars Advance up the road firing on the LCCL's Armoured Car

The Leicester Yeomanry lay hidden behind Carington Coppice

The Duke's Assault troops come under fire from the Post Office Rocket Battery and they hit with there first round.

The Leicestershire's take up defensive positions

The Duke's forces advance on the Crossroads with their boys for the Leicestershire leading the way

The Duke's Armoured Cars firing on the crossroads and the LCCL's Armoured Car

As the Dukes forces advanced up the road towards the crossroads they managed to pinned the LCCL's Armoured Car causing to to be taken out of the action at the time and denying the LCCL with valuable support. But the LCCL put up a stiff defence proving fire onto the Duke's Armoured Cars to no effect and finally the Leicester Yeomanry charges the Armoured Cars taking out one of them before retreating back behind the coppice. Meanwhile the Duke's forces advance up towards the coppice and a line of fences coming under firing from the LCCL forces.

The Leicester Yeomanry attack the Duke's Armoured Cars

The LCCL Leics pour fire onto the Walkers Van

The Duke's Leicestershire advance to the coppice and they Boys A/T rifle fires at the Armoured Car

The Leicester Yeomanry clearing the way

The Duke's Assault troops coming under fire from the LCCL's Shoeworkers

The Duke's Assault troops after taking heavy fire

The Post Office Rocket Battery firing on the Dukes troops as they cross the farm fields

The Duke's Leicestershires come out into the road to engage the defenders of the crossroads but find themselves in a crossfire from the Croydon Crusher and the LCCL's Leicestershires where fellow soldiers from the same regiment start firing upon each other for the first time, a sad moment in the regiment's history. The Dukes remaining Armoured Car, safe from LCCL fire engage the Leicester Yeomanry who have retreated to behind the coppice for cover and the Croydon Crusher comes under fire from the Duke's forces causing it to be pinned. The LCCL Leicestershires open fire into the Duke's Leicestershire causing them a number of casualties and the LCCL's Armoured Car fires at the Dukes Armoured Car but failed to cause any damage. Meanwhile the Duke's forces in the fields in the centre come under heavy fire for the PO Rocket Battery and a LCCL sniper starts to take its toll on the Dukes troops in the centre.

The Duke's Leicestershires attack the crossroads

The Dukes Armoured Car fires at the Leicester Yeomanry

LCCL Leicesterhires fire at the Duke's Leicestershires, a sad moment in the regiment's history.

LCCL's Armoured Car fires upon the Duke's Armoured Cars

The Duke's infantry suffering for the effects of Rocket and sniper fire.

The Duke's Assault troops pinned down in the field

LCCL's Rocket and Sniper teams at work

Now the Leicester Yeomanry charge once again in a "Death or Glory" charge, lances levelled in an attempt to take out the second of the Duke's Armoured cars and succeed in taking it out. With both the LCCLs and Duke's Leicestershires involved in a fierce firefight with each other until the Duke's Leicestershires break and leave the battlefield. With the weight of fire the LCCL pour on the Duke's centre, the Duke's Assault troops also break and leave the battlefield leaving the Duke's battled infantry to weather the LCCL's fire before they too retreat along with the Duke's command leaving the crossroads in the LCCL's hands.

Leicester Yeomanry charge again and take out the second Armoured Car

The LCCL's Leicestershires firefight with the Duke's Leicestershires

The Duke's Command retreating from the battlefield

The Shoeworkers forcing the Duke's Assault troops to break

The Duke's Infantry in the centre coming under very heavy fire

The LCCL's sniper and Post Office Rifles and Rocket team engaged in the centre

Another good game using Bolt Action rules and with bigger forces, this time 750 pts. Starting to get the hang of the rules now and liking the system. Gosh cavalry is deadly.

Monday, 18 November 2013

I'm Back and I am With the Witch Finder General and trouble with PC World

Yes I am back after a bit of an enforced break, mainly due to my PC's motherboard deciding to give up the ghost and partly due to PC World messing me about, but more on that later. Firstly I would like to say a BIG Thanks to James at Exiles Painting and Loki at Lokis Great Hall for putting on Blog Con, it was a real blast and it was nice to meet up with some fellow bloggers and I am hoping that next year will be even bigger.They will be more on this coming shortly.

Now after playing Dave at One Man and His Brushes wonderful Blazing Dice Wild west game, which you can find out more at Trouble in Serenity, got me to dig out some old Artizan Designs figures I have had knocking around for ages and thought to myself now I really like this figure. Having been bitten by the Victoriana bug of late, see Michael you have made me do it thanks to your wonderful blog, 28mm Victorian Warfare, I have couple of new ideas that can work for both Victoriana and VBCW. So may I introduce the Witch Finder General.

This chap is a rather over religious man who is carrying out God's work during the Very British Civil War. Basically he is bringing justice to the heathen masses in the trouble times of the civil war and administering justice and peace where ever he goes. Though he thinks of himself of a part of the Anglican league the League have gone to great lengths to dissociate themselves from him, though he does prove useful at times.  Hailing from a missionary family in India, he returned but to Great Britain at the start of the Civil War with a group of followers including some tribesmen from the North West Frontier, as Christians should not kill another Christians but these Godless heathens can.

He is a lovely figure and a joy to paint. I have tried a different way to paint the black and i have to say I am rather pleased the results. The touch of Burberry lining is to add colour to the figure and makes him useful for both VBCW and Victorian games. 

Now there are things which with hindsight you know were going to go wrong but I thought "It would never happen to me". Well it did. My PC died on me and I rather stupidly took it into PC World for them to have a look at and see if they can repair it. A simple enough thing I thought so on the 22nd October I took it in and they said that they would have to send it away for the tech guys to look at it and that they will contact me within the week and I should have it back by the 6th November. Well a week when past with no contact and I looked at the note that the young assistant had given me and realised that my telephone number was wrong. So I contacted them and spoke to a rather disinterested chap but he stated that he would update the system with my correct number. Another week passed with no contact and checked online where I found out that they had been trying to call me and I once again called up and they stated that they had been trying to call me by the repair, I asked which number they had and it was the wrong one and the chap again stated that he will update my number and I paid for the repair. Any a week passed with me checking online for progress of my repair and in the end I emailed them two with no answer but them got another message from online stating that they need to talk to me about my repair. So once again I contacted they, all this on a 0844 number, and yes you can guess it they had been phoning me on the wrong number and no one had updated my number and they stated that i had not paid for my repair. I advised them that I had and they stated that they could see this and the repairs would go ahead and i should head from them shortly when to pick it up. The day next I checked online and yes you guest it it stated to call them again which I did and they said once again that I had not paid and they after I pointed it out I had they said "oh yes" and the repairs will go ahead. If fact I actually got them calling me the next day on my phone, well they did change me number after all, stating that, you are not going to believe this, that I had not paid for the repairs yet. Once again I pointed out that I had and the day I paid and once again they said on yes you have. But guess what happened on the next day, once again I had a message to call them and you would be believe it but it was about the fact that I had still not paid for the repairs. By this time I just wanted my PC back but once again I pointed out that I had paid for it and a couple of days later I got a message stating that the repairs had been carried out and I pick it up in the next couple of days which would be Thursday or Friday. I actually got my PC on Sunday where the store tried to change me for the repairs but I pointed out once again that I had paid and I got me PC back and a extra hard drive which no one knew what that was about. I had home and my primary hard drive was wiped clean, luckily I had all my artwork on the secondary hard drive which was fine and I have just spent the last 24 hours installing all my programs back on it, but have lost all my emails, contacts and resource material. I tried the another hard drive thinking maybe its on them for some reason, but no and that hard drive doesn't work. So I think it will be the last time I will be using PC World for repairs and I would advise anyone else to keep well clear of them.
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