Friday, 8 November 2013

The MOV is back

Yes indeed the MOV is back for Movember and here is the start of it. This is after six days and I am hoping that there will be more defined shortly. But I am wee bit happy so far, but the pictures a bit blurry as it was taken in my I-Phone.

Tomorrow is BlogCon and I can not wait to meet up with chaps and chapettes for the Blogiverse. I am saw this is going to be a great weekend and full of games and joy.

Lastly I took my PC into repair at PC World, gosh I know, and was told that it is would be done within seven days. Now this was on 22 October and since then I was had to phone them stating my phone number was wrong as the "helpful" assistant said he will update that. They tried to contact me on the wrong number to tell me my motherboard was shot and I need a new one, but again I had to phone them about that and get my phone number corrected. Now I am still waiting for something to happen, christ I could of made a PC motherboard myself by now, and I am finding it rather annoying. They dont reply to emails or anything and there customer service is shocking. My advising it if your PC breaks down done go to PC World to get it repaired as it takes a day and an age. I wouldnt mind but my artwork is on the secondary drive in them and I am hoping that they dont fuck it up.


  1. I am cynical but I suspect the delay at PC world might be based on them wanting to sell you a new mother board. And pay for it to be fitted. I am probably just a cynical old git.

    Enjoy Blog con have fun, take pictures and make sure that Fran and Ray don't get into too much trouble. Have fun.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow,

    PC World, the Quick Fit of the Computer World


  3. You look younger without it sir!

  4. Have a great time, my good friend.

  5. As your whiskers grow this weekend, have a fun time, PK.


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