Saturday, 28 December 2013

The First Vehicle Finished for the VBCF Vehicle Painting Competition

I have finished my first entry for the painting competition and it is Warlord Game's Austin K2. I have actually got a little historical on this one and actually painted it up as an BEF Ambulance and it was a nice change to do something that required a little bit of research for me and a bit of discipline too as instead from going off in a fantasy world that I normally go into I have kept to the plot. I am rather pleased with the results on it and have even done a wee bit of weathering too. The nice thing is I can still use it for VBCW. So here are the finished results.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Battle of Thorpe Satchville, Leicester Campaign or Catch That Dog

Early in the morning forces were mobilised but both the Duke of Rutland's forces and the Leicester Socialist City County to get a secret package that had just come to the attention of them in the village of Thorpe Satchville. This package is of vital importances that both sides need or both sides should not have, so as the whereabouts suddenly came to light the roar of engines and the stamping of feet could be heard in the morning air around the village.

The heroic forces of the LSCC, flushed from victory of the previous victory at Carington Coppice moved upon the target and the secret package which was visible in the field in front of the village but the Duke's Melton forces very cleverly drove a force up the road to capture it, leaped out of the Walkers Crisp van and over the wall to secure the package for which the Duke would be very happy with.

The Humberstone Scouts advance taking care to secure the LSCC flank with the Croydon Crusher taking position to pour fire on the Dukes brave men.

The LSCC brings up the Big Guns from the City's arsenal named Dicko

The Leicestershire taking on positions in the wheat fields to remove the enamy from the target package.

The Dukes men of the Melton Ranges go in to secure the package and try and control it

The Melton Section advance into Thorpe Satchville ready to receive and defend the package

More of the Melton Boys advancing into the village

Yet more of the Duke's fine chaps advancing towards the village

Slowly the LSCC advance down the roads and throw the fields and lay down a fire base on the Duke's brave team that tried to capture the package, a prized bitch that the Duke wanted to breed with his own Bulldog. But sadly for the chaps from Melton this proved a task to far and the found themselves cut to pieces but the combined fire power of the LSCC. However this did not stop the Melton artillery opening fire upon the Humberstone Scouts, missing but them but shocking none the less.

The LSCC pouring fire on the Melton Rangers and finishing them off, leaving the prized dog in the field on its own.

The LSCC artillery started its firing on the Melton Assault troops with the Melton Armoured Car engaging the LSCC Vickers tank.

The Melton Militia's Assault troops mass behind the wall with the package and prize in front of them while being supported by the Melton Armoured Car

The second section of the Melton assault troops mass poised to take the bitch

More of the Duke's Melton Rangers rushing forward to take positions to cover the prize.

The villains for firing upon the Humberstone Scouts according to the Leicester City press

The Dukes forces advancing through Thorpe Satchville

The lovely village of Thorpe Satchville with the Dukes forces taking advance of the cover

Again the Melton artillery fired upon the Humberstone Scouts but this time there were answered from the Vickers MG of the Croydon Crusher and the Humberstone Sniper team, which actually missed the target. Meanwhile in the centre of the field the Melton boys poured heavy fire into the Leicestershire in the wheat fields causing heavy casualties to them and the Melton Armoured Car and the LSCC Vickers tanks carried on firing at each other with little or no effect.

The Humberstone Scouts taking fire from the Melton Artillery with the Croydon Crusher and the Humberstone snipers firing at the artillery in return.

The Humberstone Shoeworker's Section pour fire onto the Melton Assault troops with the Leicestershires taking Heavy casualties

The Dukes men suffering from the effects of the heavy fire from the Leicestershires, Shoeworkers and the LSCC mortar

Civic pride at its best with Dicko advancing across the field

The Melton Armoured Car changing its target and pouring its fire onto the Leicestershires

The Melton Command supporting its troops in the field

The Melton Artillery suffering the effects of sniper and MMG fire

Not all of the Duke's forces are as brave as the others as these shirkers prove

Now the Croydon Crusher moves into position and out flanks the Dukes troops behind the wall and pours death into them while a Melton sniper takes a pot shot at the Crusher with no effect. the rest of the LSCC carries on firing at the Melton chaps behind the wall and the weight of fire starts to take its tolls on them.

The Croydon Crusher Outflanking the Duke's men and pour fire onto them while being shot at but a sniper.

The Melton Rangers taking casualties from the Croydon Crusher

The brave Humberstone Scouts firing on the Duke's lad in the centre

The pride of the city with the Humberstone command behind it giving support to the LSCC chaps.

The Dukes lads suffering but holding there own

The LSCC Mortar spotter directing fire onto the Melton Boys

The Duke's Armoured Car trying to turn the red tide and slowing down the LSCC advance to get the prize.

Now the Duke tried again to capture the prize but again the same effects as before with more brave lads lying dead or wounded in the field but at least they were trying to get the prize bitch for the Duke. But with the sniper now being taking out by the Humberstone sniper and the artillery gone it was getting more and more let the last throw of the dice. However they were stopping the LSCC from getting the prize too so in a way it was still in their hands to win the prize.

The Humberstone Trench Catapult causing took causalities to the Duke's men

The Melton Command throws it the Melton Greens into the fight.

But still they prefer hiding from the Croydon Crusher

The brave men of the Melton Assault section still try and hold up the Red tide rushing towards them

The Humberstone Command led by Les Mitchelmore rushes forward to capture the bitch while coming under fire from the Melton Boys.

The Duke's Armoured Car open fires on the Humberstone Command but misses

Now with the prize in the hands of the Humberstone Militia the rest of the LSCC force fan out to protect their commander from the attentions of the Melton chaps. Les Mitchelmore runs lie crazy to the safety of his troops and the rear but half way across the field the Melton Armoured Car hits the Standard Bearer cutting in half with a 20mm shell which causes Les to stop and be more than a little shocked seeing his friend being killed in such a way and the bitch breaks from his hands and runs off. The rush of the Melton forces come under the full attentions of the LSCC seeing them off the field and leaving Thorpe Satchville in their hands but the objective was not meet for either sides and all limp off to lick their wounds.

The Humberstone Village Section move to support their command

The Croydon Crusher firing at the Melton Greens to no effect

The whole left flank of the LSCC advance on the Melton Greens while the Walker Crisp Van moves to provide cover for them.

The Humberstone Scouts rush to the cover of the wall

The Village Section provide cover for the Humberstone Command but it is too late as the standard bearer bites it.

The Scouts at the wall and near the pub

All too late as finally Dicko knocks out the Melton Armoured Car

The Melton Greens and the Melton Command still on the battlefield but slowly retreating off it.

It was a very enjoyable game of bolt action with the scenario being played was Top Secret. I have to express again my thanks to Leics_Gamer for a great game and it ended up in a draw as neither of us could get the package, dog, off the table.
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