Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Nice Cup of Chai

It was a been a wee while since posting but it is that time of year where everything in the world seems to take place in a queue and that has been eating up my time so much and is actually annoying me, lol, but thats the Christmas Spirit for you, lol. Anyway enough of the seasonal moan. 

The gang is getting along well now and I have finished a further two chaps to them. This time the two chaps are from Wargames Foundry from there Darkest Africa range, one being a chap with a Holland and Holland Nitro Express and the other with a nice cup of tea. Now I plan to use these chaps for actually both Empire of the Dead as well as 1938 A Very British Civil War, as I think that they well both fit into my new Wynd-Gator force of Empire types. 

The first chap is a big game hunter with his Holland and Holland Nitro Express or some such hunting rifle. I have done this chap in a pair of tartan trews with leather gaiters and a grey striped shirt and a sun hat.

The second chap with his cup of tea is more uniformed or rather in shirt sleeved order, I think. I have gone for that sort of cavalry look with the dark blue trousers and a red stripe down the side, the grey flannel shirt with white collar and pith helmet. He also sports a stable belt in the colours of the Leicestershire Yeomanry and this reflected in the band on the pith helmet.

And if that is not enough here is the latest stage of my entry for the Very British Civil Forum's Vehicle Painting Competition. I have finally got around to basecoating this wonderful Austin Type 3 and also have decided that I am going to do a Austin K2 as well, which I too have managed to basecoat. Now to start of the colour schemes, the hardest part is deciding which scheme. For the Austin I think I am going to go a little crazy but the K2 I think it is going to be standard BEF colours.


  1. Tremendous. Obviously looking forward to the vehicles but the two chaps are so characterful. Nice one.

  2. Well done Sir .
    Merry Christmas .

  3. Nice rides! They'll be great when finished. I want to get me some hunters at some point to with the Quatermain I got from the KS. I must have a go at doing more patterned clothing on my new figures I wished I'd done more on the others now yours look great. Nice choice of minatures.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family buddy!

  4. Lovely work there, looking forward to seeing your work on the vehicles


  5. Beautiful. Lots of excellent striping on those fellas, PK. Merry Christmas!

  6. Very nice PK. Look forward to seeing the finished vehicle

  7. Greate work !!!

    Merry Christmas !

    Best regards Michael

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!

  9. These are superb Pete, brilliant work!


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