Sunday, 8 December 2013

One Weeks Catch Up, Fun and Games

Gosh I cannot believe its the beginning of December and only a few weeks to Christmas and it has been a little busy here at Château PK what with one thing another.  Firstly I gave up smoking almost four weeks ago and I am feeling good for it but I have to admit I actually miss it. I hope that the feeling will go but it is a right pain in the arse for the time being. Secondly I am also diapathetic, which is like being a diabetic but being sad and useless over it, and I am off to the doctors tomorrow to be told off for being useless and I will die if I don't change my life style, will I have and I have had the worst results ever. Thirdly I really don't know why I am telling any of this as that's not what you read my blog for, so to the actual post.

Firstly, or is that fourthly? The Cover for the Montrose book is finished and I have to say I am rather pleased will the results of it. I strongly resisted adding green into the picture and adding plaids to him, the nearest was adding a bit of texture to the hat. But overall I really like the look of him and I am very pleased with the results.

Seondly, fifthly or whatever, there is a vehicle painting competition going on at the Very British Civil Forum where you;
1. Category: a single Vehicle (Air, Ground, Water) Self-propelled
2. In any scale
3. Suitable for the VBCW/SCW/2nd ACW Period
4. For any faction (or unaligned)
5. Basing….Up to you
6. With photos at the start (showing the unpainted model/kit you start off with), and final photos submitted at the end. WIP photo threads are encouraged.
7. Deadline for entries is midnight (GMT) Friday 25 Jan 2014, to be Judged by Poll later.
And what is really nice about the competition it that there is actually a prize which the wonderfully, lovely chap at Sloppy Jalopy are fronting up a prize for winner, a Interwar Vehicle. Now if you don't know Sloppy Jalopy check them out are they do some amazing vehicles and soon will be doing some cricketers and miners for VBCW. Feel free to come over the VBCF and join in the competition, its a great prize.

Anyway, enough of the advertising, I have decided to enter the competition with an Austin Type 3 Armoured Car from Sloppy Jalopy and it has been fun. I have finished assembling the vehicle and I have to say it was a dream. The instructions from Sloppy Jalopy where rather clear and the whole thing went together with minimal fuss. Now next is the undercoating which I am going to attempt today if the weather is fine, I have even washed the resin which is something I usually doing do. Here are some progress pictures.

Lastly I have another project on the boil too but this one is a little special and actually so English its should Law that every village in the land should have one. But more of that later.


  1. The finished painting is fab! I appreciate it more having seen the work progress. It adds an extra dimension to the whole thing. I wish you luck with the competition.

  2. Look after your self and I hope the doc goes better than you anticipate...
    Montrose book looks good can you tell us about it?

  3. Nice start. Looking forward to seeing more wip.

  4. Great illustration, PK. And looking forward to the modeling work on the armored car.

    Hoping that the visit tomorrow lifts your spirits, friend.

  5. Nice drawing PK, Hope the Doc gets you sorted buddy tout sweet

  6. Lovely work on the illustration PK. Good luck with the Doc and keep up the good work with the smokes. Good luck with the comp too!


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