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The Battle of East Langton, Leicestershire Campaign

As the fighting dies down around Leicester and Melton Mowbray a new are ignites in conflict in the South of Leicester the area between the Royalist town of Market Harborough and the Socialist town of Corby.

Market Harborough is the principle town in the south of Leicester with a tradition of fox hunting, cricket, rugby and keeping things rural. With the HQ of a Squadron of the Leicester Yeomanry this town stands as the base of operations of the Royalists in the area. Linked to the Duke of Rutland, being under his command area, the town has little love for Moseley and the BUF, but understands that needs must. The commander of the Royalist forces is John Leofric Stocks, DSO with his Second in Command being Charles Alfred Richard Coleman, Leicestershire and England Cricketer. Also in the town is the Earl of Rockingham, Sir Lewis Watson who is try to regain his home, Rockingham Castle, which has been taken over by the Socialist forces in Corby. Sir Watson has a small force of chaps that have come with him and a section of BUF which was supplied by the Duke of Rutland to aid him in retaking his family home.

Corby, on the other hand is a very new town, built on industry, Steel, with a large population of Scottish and Irish workers, the socialist fire was there with them and when the war started they declared themselves for the Socialist cause and joined the east Mids Socialist League, supplying the major socialist cities with steel and protected from attacks by the city of Leicester to the north and the socialist towns of Wellingborough and Northampton to the south, but still it makes to a prime target for the Royalists.

Now a Socialist patrol under the command of Branch Secretary: “Red” Roy Mackenzie, a thoroughly political entity through and through, quite happy to use the war as an excuse to further his political ambitions and increase his personal power, advances in the general area of East Langton, with following under his command: Branch Assistant: Tommy “Gun” Boyd, Mackenzies' left hand man, a local hard man, hired by “Red” for protection, Tommy carries the banner. Senior Steward: Stuart Caldwell, No.1 section, very popular with his men, and has a personal following amongst the rank and file membership, something that displeases “Red Mac”. Senior Steward: Danny McGrath, No. 2 section, made up of drivers and transport staff & determined to make a good account of themselves in the conflict. Junior Steward: John Collins, No.3 section, recruited from the clerical staff, given a bunch of pistols and very little training. Section Leader: Lenny “Lenin” Lewinski, No.4 Section, Lenny, a Polish émigré is an even more fervent socialist than “Red Mac” a true believer in the cause. First aider: Jimmy “Doc” Doohan, Jimmy was a Medical orderly during WW1; he has experienced what it’s like under fire and is willing to put his neck out to save others. Sniper Team: Fergie & Paul McShane, brother and sister from the "old country" who have come down to England for the sport, their kind of sport being poaching, currently “in the field” around the Langtons.

Opposing them is a Royalist Patrol from Market Harborough under the command of 2nd Lt "Paddy" Logan, MP. With him is The Harborough Auxiliaries, Lord Symingtons’ Volunteers, Harborough Grammar School Cadets and an old Austin Type 3 Armoured Car, named “The Cricketers”.

The Socialist forces being cut off from their transport home via the railway track, by the Royalist patrol decided to fight their way through the Royalists to get to their transport home. Meanwhile the Royalist forces deploy to engage the Socialists.

Lord Symingtons’ Volunteers deploy to check the Red horde

Senior Steward, Danny McGrath and No. 2 section drive into East Langton trying to drive through the Royalist barrier
The Corby Socialists under Branch Assistant: Tommy “Gun” Boyd advance on the Royalist positions
The Royalist barrier advancing into East Langton to stop the Red Wave

The Harborough Grammar School Cadets advanced to the edge of the village and opened fire on the Red truck causing it crash and forcing the troops inside to jump out of it. This made them targets for The Harborough Auxiliaries who poured fire into them too. In the meantime the Corby Socialists carried on their advance with sniper team of Fergie & Paul McShane running to the top of the hill to take up positions on its summit.

The Harborough Grammar School Cadets and The Harborough Auxiliaries pour fire into the Reds
Senior Steward, Danny McGrath, No. 2 section fighting in the streets of East Langton

The Socialist Sniper Team of Fergie & Paul McShane race to the summit of the hill and come under fire

Senior Steward, Stuart Caldwell and No.1 section advance towards the Royalists

The Royalist line where the majority of the Corby Socialists where assault was quite weak and the Royalists started to move troops and the Armoured Car over to support Lord Symingtons’ Volunteers. Then shot rang out from the Socialists sniper and the Royalist commander, 2nd Lt "Paddy" Logan, MP, lay on the floor bleeding from a severe to the chest. This through the momentum to the Corby Socialists as they advanced toward the weakly defended part of the Royalist line. In the meantime The Harborough Grammar School Cadets finished off Senior Steward, Danny McGrath, No. 2 section as it made a dash for the railway line.

Lord Symingtons Volunteers valiantly trying to hold off the Red menace

Senior Steward, Danny McGrath, No. 2 section rushing to the railway line

The Harborough Grammar School Cadets finishing off the Reds

The Corby Socialists massing to attack the weaken Royalist line

The Socialist sniper team carried on its bloody work and finished out the Royalist command section and the Corby Socialists carried on pressing its assault on the Royalist line. The Royalists rushed troops under to the weaken line but would they get there in time?

The Reds sniper team carrying on its deadly work

Lord Symingtons’ Volunteers suffering badly from the attentions of the Corby Socialists

Senior Steward, Stuart Caldwell, No.1 section assaulting the Royalist positions

The Corby Socialists could see there transport getting ready to leave and they struck forward wiping out Lord Symingtons’ Volunteers in the process but at a cost too as the they dashed for the railway line a number of brother fell the to the bullets of the Royalists and especially the marksmanship ship of The Harborough Grammar School Cadets, who for their very first action proved that hard work, dedication and team work pay off and sent about twenty five Reds to their deaths to loss of none of them.

The Harborough Grammar School Cadets forming a firing line

The Harborough Auxiliaries tiring the close the gap

The Sniper Team ofFergie & Paul McShane, the Socialist Command of “Red” Roy Mackenzie and the medic, Jimmy “Doc” Doohan race together through the fields

Junior Steward, John Collins and No.3 section run to freedom and the railway line

“The Cricketeers” tries and fails to stop the Red tide rushing toward it

The Harborough Auxiliaries trying to stop the Red tide

 The Harborough Grammar School Cadets pouring fire into the flank of the Red Army

The Socialist Command fighting its way towards the railway transport

The Cricketer failing to shot the Socialist Command from escaping

The Royalist forces failing to stop the Reds from getting away

Again a very good game with Leics_Gamer using Bolt Action just a petty it ended in a draw.


  1. This is terrific, PK! I had to duck-down twice from the ricochets off the armored car!

    1. Thanks Jay and sorry about that but I would of been more scared of when it opened fore at it missed its target every time

  2. Some terrific scenery there ... I especially liked the road sign in the village, and loved the lady sniper ... definitely confirms what Kipling said about the female of the species being more deadly than the male. I confess, being a bit of a Bolshie, that I was cheering for the Socialists.

    1. Well Michael for this campaign I have had to put my Socialist forces away and play the fox hunting toffs, lol, so I know what you mean.

  3. Great report and fine looking table Pete.


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