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The Battle of Tywford, the Leicester Campaign Carries on.

After the capture of Thorpe Satchville by the Leicester Socialist Council forces this lead to a bugle into the Duke of Rutlands lines and the Melton Command see this quickly sort to exploit this and Race to capture the village of Twyford with the aim of forcing the LSC to withdrawing from the area. So gathering his forces together and Melton commander raced forward with his crack troops causing the LSC to bring up reinforcements from the city.

The Dukes forces, already having the jump of the LSC forces race towards the village with the aim of capturing the Church in the centre of the village and use this as the cornerstone of their defence. The Dukes forces started to invest the village while the elite Miners from Coalville race forward in the vanguard of the LSC to try and take the church from the Melton boys but the Melton Lads where too quick and got to the church first and took up positions in there.

The Coalville Miners trying to take the Church from the Duke's men.

The Dukes Armoured Support advancing towards the village with the Melton Rangers in tow

The Duke's main force rushing to support their comrades in the Church

With a firefight starting with the Melton Assault troops in the church and the Coalville Miners the LSC support was slow in coming and the miners felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of attention that they were received but dug in taking advantage of the cover of the hedge while the home made tank, The Molly O'Grady, slowly made its way up the road toward the church with the aim to support of the miners. Thomas Paget with his chums of Humberstone Hall advanced toward the village covered by the tank with the aim of outflanking the Melton boys in the Church. In the meantime the Duke's forces hung onto the Church as more of the troops rushed to support them.

The Coalville Miners finding cover as the Melton Assault troops open fire on them

The Melton Assault troops defending the Church

The Molly O'Grady and the Humbersone Hall section advance to the village

The LSC and Melton sniper teams go to work firing at each other.

The Melton Armoured Car and Melton Rangers fire upon the LSC sniper team.

The Duke's Melton Militias rush to support they chums at the Church

Now the Coalville Miners advanced over the Church's hedges to find cover in the shadow of the Church as the fire from the Melton Assault troops was proving to be excessive and the LSC's Croydon Crusher arrived on the scene to pour supporting fire at the Church along was Molly O'Grady but still the Duke's lads held on in the Church. The Dukes troops carried on with there advance taking positions and pouring fire onto the LSC troops.

The Coalville Miners finding cover by the Church

The LSC advance toward the Church slowly was the Molly O'Grady firing on the Melton Lads in the Church to little effect.

The LSC's Croydon Crusher arrives and fires on the Church too.

The Melton Militia advances while the Melton sniper fires of the LSC sniper.

An aerial view of the action around the Church

Now some more of the LSC reinforcements slowly made its way onto the table taking to take the Church and relieving the Miners who has been the subject and a lot of unwelcomed fire now for a while and this was starting to take it toll on them. The Melton Rangers where getting themselves into a position to bring the full might of their firepower upon the Miners and clear them from the Church once and for all. With the Melton sniper and armoured car adding to the firepower. The Miner soon from that the numbers of casualties where mounting and soon the where laying around dead or wounded and took no further part in the action. At this point it looked like the Melton forces where going to gain the advance and hold the Church.

The Molly O'Grady carried on pouring firing onto the church as the Humberstone Hall section tried to outflank the Church

The Melton Rangers advancing towards the Miners supported by the Melton Armoured Car

The Coalville Miners trying to hold on the ground they have gained.

The Humberstone Militia Village Section advance towards the Church

The second platoon of Melton Rangers rush to stop the outflanking move by the LSC

The Melton Militia move to outflank the Miners

The Melton Rangers finish off the Coalville Miners

More reinforcements for the LSC in the form of the Farmworkers Section of the Humberstone Militia finally make there way toward Church in support of the Village Section who had advanced to the hedges of the Church. Again this was supported by the Molly O'Grady after the loss of the LSC's Croydon Crusher to Melton fire. Now the Dukes forces advanced on the LSC forces in the centre in an attempt to crush them once but this had lost the support of the sniper who had finally been turned out by the LSC sniper. Still the Dukes forces on the other flank had stopped the advance of the Humberstone Hall section as it tried to make its way towards the Church. Still the advantage was with the Duke's men and they had a strong hold on the village.

The Humberstone Militia Farmworkers section find cover in a wheatfield while advancing toward the Church.

The first section of the Melton Rangers advance to find cover

The Humberstone Militia Village Section makes their way to the Churchyard hedges while coming under fire from the Melton Assault troops

The Humberstone Hall section are reduced in numbers from the fire of the Melton Rangers but still hold the flank of the Church

Now the Melton forces make their major push to force the LSC forces away from the Church. However the combined effects of the LSC force on the Melton Assault troops in the Church had cause them to keep their heads down, pinning them in the Church so much so that they were unable to return fire at the LSC forces. However with the Duke's forces flanking around the Church causing the LSC troops to be in great peril.

The Melton Militia flanking around the Church to fire upon the LSC forces gather in front of it.

The first section of the Melton Rangers suffer casualties from the sniper and the Farmworkers

The second section of the Melton Rangers firing at the Humberstone Hall troops

The Melton Assault troops in the Church pinned by fire from the LSC forces

The Village section and the Molly O'Grady pinning the Melton lads in the Church

The Molly O'Grady supporting the Village Section with fire into the Church.

Now the Melton Armoured Car broke into the field to open fire upon LSC's Village section that was in front of the Church causing casualties among them. With the rest of the Melton left flank on the move and bringing down fire onto the LSC village section it looked like the section was going to break but the Molly O'Grady advanced to support them and to threaten the flank of the Church and to block a move by the Melton Rangers and the Melton Greens. With no one in full control of the village both forces limped off the battlefield but the Melton forces could claim a minor victory as it still held the Church and the most of the village still but could not capitalise on the advance.

The Melton Armoured Car out flanks the Village section and cause casualties amongst them

The Humberstone Militia Village Section taking fire from the Duke's forces.

The Dukes forces on the left flank pouring fire onto the LSC Village section

The Melton Rangers and the Melton Greens checked by Molly O'Grady

Stalemate at the Church

The Melton's force finishing positions commanding the left flank

Now this brings an end to this front of the Leicester campaign with minor gains for the LSC, who now have an effective bridgehead to try and launch further attacks in the area around Melton a little later in the year. Now the action moves to the south of the County.

Map of the area fought over in the last few battles.

Close up of the are of the battles


  1. Greate AAR !

    Love that you use maps for plotting the campaign.

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks there Michael and the maps are actually maps from the period that I have

  2. Brilliant Battle report, really enjoyed it. The maps of the campaign is an ace idea. Look forward to the next one.

    1. Thanks there Simon and I glad that you enjoyed it

  3. Loved the AAR, lots going off


    1. There was a lot going on and how I actually drew the game heaven only knows

  4. Nice bit of hard work and fun, PK. This Epic battle report is a two volume tome!

    1. Thanks there Jay and maybe next time I will cut them down

  5. Quite the pell-mell action there! Great AAR.

  6. A nicely turned out wargamer table like this really make a game.

  7. Thanks there John I used Bolt Action for the rules and I have to say it gives a nice quick game

  8. Great AAR, I really need to dust off my Worcester campaign, so many projects so little time.

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