Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ripper Street is Back

Yes indeed I have just seen this and I am so happy as the series that was axed by the BBC is coming back.

Amazon, BBC Team Up to Revive ‘Ripper Street’

LONDON — Amazon has partnered with the BBC to revive period crime drama “Ripper Street,” which airs Stateside on BBC America.

The BBC cancelled the series, which stars Matthew Macfadyen, in December after two seasons due to poor ratings.

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, which was previously known in the U.K. as Lovefilm, has acquired British subscription streaming rights to the show. Amazon will commission a third season of “Ripper Street,” with episodes offered exclusively on Prime Instant Video before screening on BBC1, the pubcaster’s flagship channel, a few months later. Prime Instant Video will be the only SVOD service in the U.K. to carry the first two seasons of the drama.

BBC America will continue to co-produce the series, and premiere it in the U.S.

The show is produced by Tiger Aspect Prods. and Lookout Point, with BBC Worldwide handling international distribution.

Filming on season three will begin in May.

Hurray Good News


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Painting Table No. 15

Yes its Saturday again and that means the end of another week and more importantly its the weekend and Painting Table Saturday. So here is what is on my painting table today.

Today I mainly have more green scourers and mdf bases to make more hedges and ripe my fingers to pieces. Also you can see I have basecoated the Gypsy Caravan and starting painting some, okay one, of the gypsies, well at least I have started. I also plan to try and add a graveyard to my church, hence the grave stones from Warbases.

I am hoping too to have the Gypsy Caravan finished this week as well, if I can find a colour scheme I am happy with. Also I might have the Gypsies finished too, lol, steady on old chap.

Well I am planing on a VBCW week midweek where I am hoping that my Market Harborough Royalists cause the South Leicestershire and Corby Socialists a damn bloody nose. So I hope you all have a great weekend.



Sunday, 9 February 2014

I Say this is Not Crocket Old Boy

I don't usual advertise on my blog but for this I am making an exception big time as I love the idea and the figures. The other day I got this email from Tricks from Sloppy Jalopy and the cricketers that he has had made up, primarily for VBCW but I can see a use for them in any Modern setting like 7Tv for example, and telling me this;
Finally got these mastered up and production moulds are being cut this week. Should have them on sale by the time I get back from work in late February.
I have to say I was and am, over the moon with the new as these have been in the pipeline for a few months and I have to say they are worth the wait. They have been sculpted by the talented Bill Thornhill of Musketeer Miniatures and he has done a grand job on them and I can see these coming to many VBCW tables soon.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

On the Paint Table 14

Here is my painting table for this week and as you can see not a lot has happened since last week bar building the two vehicles and starting yet another side project, more on that shortly.

Well actually I did also finish the sheep and I have to say that I am rather pleased with them and so is Mrs PK, the sheep lover, too. I will get around to posting them soon. But being a bit of a lead butterfly at the moment, not finishing anything I start, I have a new project in the making and that is the Telegraph Poles.

Yes is creating hedges, building road signs and other bits of scenery for VBCW and my big game coming up soon, after someone posting a "Here are my Telegraph Poles" article on the Very British Civil Forum, I thought I could do some of them. So realising that I had some wooden Kebab sticks, which I used for the main post, some match sticks for the cross poles and glass beads for the insulators.

The actually build is rather simple to do with the pole being drilled so it can fit onto the base. Then the matchsticks have the glass beads glued onto them and these are in turn attached to the pole. The whole completed telegraph pole is then glued to the base. Next is the paint them.

I have also nearly finished another chap for me Empire of the Dead Gentleman's Club. This chap is another of Artizan's great cowboys and I have painted him so he could be used in my VBCW games too, maybe as a mechanic or such.

Now I am praying for a quiet week so I can get my head down to some painting and illustrations too, so everyone have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.



Saturday, 1 February 2014

On the Painting Table 13

Yes its Saturday and it Paint Table time and what goodies are there.

As you can see there are a couple of things that have not changed since last week that chiefly being the Gypsy Caravan, mainly because I cannot decide whether to basecoat it black or not and what colours to paint it anyway. I have some new items on there too, some sheep and two rather big beasties in the form of a Stug and a Sd. Kfz 250/1. Now don't worry chaps I haven't gone all late Second World War on you all.

I am actually building these for a gaming friend of mine as he hates building them, especially when there come with no instructions. Both of these vehicles are from Black Tree Designs and are fully metal, the Sturmgeschütz III or StuG III weighs 600 grams and the Schützenpanzerwagen 250/1 or Sd. Kfz 250/01 only weighs 350 grams, I real light weight. The Stug was quite straight forward to build and only a little bit of filling with green stuff was required but the Sd. Kfz 250 is a right pain in the backside. There are huge gaps where the top part of the chassis does not meet the bottom part and gaps all over the place that have to be filled in with green stuff and then sanded down to smooth the finish. Now I know that I could leave most of them as they are partly covered but the wheels and tracks but I would know and if it was mine I would fill them in so I am filling them in, a very long task.

But at least I have got the skintone done on the Gypsies and another member of the Gentleman's Club for my Empire of the Dead gang. I am enjoying this little departure into the Vicky world still but it still leave me with one question. That question being, "Should I basecoat the Gypsy Caravan or not?"

Have a great weekend chaps and more posting soon.

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