Saturday, 8 February 2014

On the Paint Table 14

Here is my painting table for this week and as you can see not a lot has happened since last week bar building the two vehicles and starting yet another side project, more on that shortly.

Well actually I did also finish the sheep and I have to say that I am rather pleased with them and so is Mrs PK, the sheep lover, too. I will get around to posting them soon. But being a bit of a lead butterfly at the moment, not finishing anything I start, I have a new project in the making and that is the Telegraph Poles.

Yes is creating hedges, building road signs and other bits of scenery for VBCW and my big game coming up soon, after someone posting a "Here are my Telegraph Poles" article on the Very British Civil Forum, I thought I could do some of them. So realising that I had some wooden Kebab sticks, which I used for the main post, some match sticks for the cross poles and glass beads for the insulators.

The actually build is rather simple to do with the pole being drilled so it can fit onto the base. Then the matchsticks have the glass beads glued onto them and these are in turn attached to the pole. The whole completed telegraph pole is then glued to the base. Next is the paint them.

I have also nearly finished another chap for me Empire of the Dead Gentleman's Club. This chap is another of Artizan's great cowboys and I have painted him so he could be used in my VBCW games too, maybe as a mechanic or such.

Now I am praying for a quiet week so I can get my head down to some painting and illustrations too, so everyone have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.




  1. I often think that it is the little things like lamp posts signs and dustbins which bring a battlefield to life. Telegraph poles definitely fall into that category. It has got me thinking I should make some for Wild west games as well. You could have a whole game about cutting wires on telephone poles! Or Tapping them.

  2. Thanks for participating and showing your paint table today! I added your link in my post. Great paint job on that mini! I'm curious about the end result of the telegraph poles!
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Telegraph poles realy add to the table.

    Very good painte cowboy!

  4. Lovely. I once shelled out good money for a box of model railroad telegraph poles. I wish I had been so clever as this. Hope you had that quiet weekend you were wanting.


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